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    Oct 2005
    Well naisip ko lng na sa lakas ng torque ng innova "d4d A/T" e nakaya nitong umabot at that speed despite land and air resistance. tama b yun??

    wala pa b may alam sa topspeed ng VVti M/T innova??

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    May 2005
    I think its more important that you have quick acceleration NOT top speed. Acceleration is good for overtaking & beating the red light. Its not everyday you drive at 170kph going to work (and its kinda dangerous) .

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    Oct 2005
    ok so which accelerate faster?? innova VVti or D4d M/T A/T.
    Napaicp lng din kc ako na running at 160kmph e 3100 lng rpm ni innova boy. Just imagine kung ilan lng rpm nya running at 100kmph....lower rpm means less fuel consumption and for me na taga batangas at madalas lumuwas pamanila e malaking bagay yun since most of my travel will be in SLEX.

    Let me change the question nlng...dun po sa naka Innova VVTi M/T ilan po rpm nyo running at 100kmph or 160kmph(kung napaabot nyo man)??? (now maybe this is a more sensible question)

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    May 2005
    Most gas engines usually accelerate much faster than their diesel counterparts. Just look at C! magazine for reference.
    And VVTi is faster than D4D on the C! magazine.
    RPM doesnt count much bec. gas will always have a higher rpm bec. gas burns very quick compared to diesel.
    But if you want fuel economy, Go for diesel engines.

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    Oct 2005
    I really don't trust the infos given by magazines since most magazines just prints what the car manufacturers would state to them especially our local magazines. It's just like reading the brochure of the vehicle.
    I still find tsikoteers' infos more reliable and credible in my opinion. :cool:

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer

    Toyota does not recommend the use of biodiesel or RME, either in pure form or in a blend, claiming that it affects engine reliability - especially the fuel pressure pump. Any engine damage caused by the use of biodiesel would not be covered under warranty.

    Wow, this is an eye-opener. Could the use of local CME biodiesel be the common denominator and culprit on those D4D Innovas with problematic fuel pumps which probably averages say 15 cases per dealership?

    This report was probably issued in Europe due to reference on RME biodiesel (rapeseed methyl ester) but nevertheless it's a Toyota CRDI.

    I better stop using biodiesel on my D4D until this issue gets resolved. I've been using biodiesel on my D4D since August and so far still no problem.

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    Sep 2005
    Sayang ! nakabili pa naman ako ng 1 case ng Biodiesel sa Motorshow (Roxas blvd) and I've only consumed 3 - 500ml bottles. Damn!!!

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    Dec 2003
    we can't be absolutely sure Biodiesel is the culprit since Larshell said he'd never used BD on his D4D, BUT i'd rather be safe than sorry, so no BD for our D4D.

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    Feb 2003
    Yup based on the past threads and comments I think it's not a Fuel (diesel) related cause of this D4D problem. Based on Larshell input of having his ECU reset then went okay, INMHO it's the D4D ECU and it;s associated CRDI stuff. The particular problem was majority traced on D4D of Innova haven't heard complains on the earlier relaeased Hilux CRDI .

    If the it's a Fuel problem then earlier Vehicle with CRDI engines should have problems by now. I have a friend who has a STAREX CRDI with almost 65K kms on it and no problem encountered so far.

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    Sep 2003
    I remember there was a thread from one of our tsikoters where Toyota will have to reset the ECU in the parking lot coz di na talaga ma start and there it went okay.
    I second the motion jiggs.

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