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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by july23
    guys, anyone has installed dvd player w/ monitor sa ride nyo? i saw one in atc, nextbase ang brand. P26995. with accessories, kaya pwede din gamitin sa bahay or outing. parang may nabasa kasi ako dito na naglagay na ng tv. pls. advice...

    wireless audio connection through FM freq nga pala ito. kaya pwede ilipat sa ibang car.
    maraming models ang nextbase, maganda ang screen resolutions nila at milinaw talaga compared sa generic brands, sa SM appliance medyo mahal ng konti pero marami na din sila display dun

    there's one problem with this removable dvd player, you have to bring them with you everytime na magpa- PMS ka sa toyota hehe..

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    Aug 2005
    Guys, I've been going thru the threads and I've spent a lot of secret time here in the office but so far, I haven't seen anyone raise the issue of lowering their units - not sure if someone had mentioned this before in earlier threads. The comment on very small-looking wheels is common but changing overall diameter is not a good idea for me due to gear ratio implications. So for the unit we're planning to get, I'm considering lowering the body say 1-1.5" front and 1.5-2" rear. We're not anticipating heavy loading anyway, just the wife and baby + yaya. Everyday, it's just the wife & me. I was told in Marikina that if they do it in-house, waranty is not affected. Also, the idea of wheel spacers crossed my mind and I came accross this somewhere. I think it's a good idea - assuming it's done properly and will not cause safety issues (highway driving).

    Jaeger also mentioned useful tips about activating the rear speakers since we're planning on getting J/D4D (2 spkrs only).

    I'd appreciate very much your opinions about lowering the body.


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    May 2005
    has anybody here installed a roof rack? can you post your observations please as to handling on curves with a loaded rack. since mataas na ang center of gravity niya, nakakatakot bang idrive? I am planning on getting one installed dahil madami akong dala pag biyahe at alam kong hindi magkakasya sa likod. kung bakit kasi hindi nilakihan ng toyota ang luggage space nila eh.

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    Apr 2005
    hello innova peeps.

    i'm back na in my working area (probinsya). Went to manila last friday to check the Toyota Motor Show and since i was really planning to buy an innova the past 2 weeks i took the chance na rin to avail of the promo they were offering ( i think until the 19 for the G & E). Got my unit last saturday afternoon (at the WTC) and have it dressed up the past 2 days (sunday & monday). spoiler and the custom fit ala 3M matting (1/2 inch thick) ang hindi pa na install.

    i have some few questions here hope you guys can share to me some infos.

    1. i dont want to use seat covers (been a practice of mine eversince) and planning to apply Scotchguard Fabric Protector. problem is when i read the label (scotchguard) hindi sya pwede sa carpet and manufacturer suggests to use the Blue Scotchguard (visited 3 malls - hindi available) for carpets. and my concern is, the floor, ceiling and back of the seats are made of polyester carpet. any comment and suggestion

    2. regarding the toyota alarm installed - i can't seem to activate the motion sensor. its in the manual that anti theft function is coupled with a motion sensor which we can temporarily deactivate.

    here is my freshly bake innova (dsl)

    so far
    247 kilometers ODO reading purely city driving - 9.3 km/l

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by revoGSX
    maraming models ang nextbase, maganda ang screen resolutions nila at milinaw talaga compared sa generic brands, sa SM appliance medyo mahal ng konti pero marami na din sila display dun

    there's one problem with this removable dvd player, you have to bring them with you everytime na magpa- PMS ka sa toyota hehe..
    balita ko mahina reception ng tuner nito. kailangan pa maglagay ng external antenna.

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    Nov 2002
    i'm scheduled to sign all papers and make a downpayment tomorrow (thursday) for a silver diesel g a/t...

    has anyone tried upsizing their mags to 16"? sa brochures ang size ng tire na indicated is 205/60r15 but kanina nung nag ikot ako sa banawa trying to canvass for accessories may tinabihan ako na innova g at ang nakakabit na wheels ay 205/65r15... if i upsize to 16" and use 215/60r16 rubber.. this is going to be about 2.61" (diameter) bigger than the original, i'm not sure kung kakasya ito sa spare tire location... anyone tried this??

    ang plano ko lang idagdag from the bare innova g are:
    - undercoating
    - mud guard
    - rain gutter
    - possible mags upgrade
    - possible headlight upgrade to either h4 lights or full HID

    i'm also planning not to get the casa supplied tint and floormat (freebies) so i can swap it for one of the other accessories listed above...

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    Aug 2005
    here's my latest ave. fuel comsumption. MID = 9.1 km/l. manual computation = 8.5 km/l (374km / 44.13 lit). about 6.6% error. combination of city driving & highway (SLEX) driving. use caltex vortex silver. G variant A/T. total mileage - more than 1,100 km. due this sat for 1k PMS.

    sa mga G gas A/T owners, pa post naman ng ave fuel consumption nyo...


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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by marquina67

    Eto na lang, for the other J series owners na, can we think of something to safeguard against hubcap / wheelcap theft? I'm sure may bagong target na naman mga rugby boys pang-racket nila.....I actually posted in another topic - hubcaps ninenok....

    Anyway, thanks again guys.....
    I don't worry about the hubcap now kasi may mga gasgas na yung sa akin. Hindi na sila siguro mag-iinterest duon, hopefully.

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    Jun 2005
    I went to Sual, Pangasinan last Friday and back the same day (that's about 459 kms). Ang takbo ko most of the time was 80 kph, sometimes mag 90 kph - 100 kph. My consumption (gasoline - MT) was 11.3 km/li. The last time I traversed the same route and hataw ang takbo up to 130 kph, my consumption was 10.6 km/li only.

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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Innova_Boy
    Kamusta na ang ride moh? mas Ok ba ngayun kesa before change CRDi parts??
    how bout fuel consumption, same pa rin ba??

    Hi Innova_Boy, havn't visited this thread for quite some time now. Dami na palang Innova owners. hehe
    Anyways, regarding my Innova, ok na sya (so far..) no more startup problem. Toyota made a follow up regarding my situation cuz medyo madami daw pinalitan na parts and I was 3rd who had the same problem.. all I said was so far so good.

    Sa fuel consumption ko naman, will post my computation pag nag full tank ako ulit...

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