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  1. FrankDrebin Guest
    Hehehe. Diesels are noisy underwater so they are detectable. AFAIK.

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    para akong nagbabasa ng tom clancy novels hehehe

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  4. FrankDrebin Guest

    Ex-president Estrada demonstrates the proper way to fire an RPG.

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    eto kailangan natin for the air force, multirole trainer/COIN/ground attack turbo prop. may FLIR option plus IR night vision goggles for the pilots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda
    Thanks for pointing out the slowness of those subs.

    The Romeo class is obsolete!!! Heck, para lang nag target shooting ang mga Kano! AFAIK - WWII pa yung design ng Romeo. Sa Russia, for training na lang ito.

    For the LA class, may mga na decommission na ilan. Pero may move to just recondition the existing subs to extend its life. Virginia class ang latest, parang pinaghalong LA & Seawolf class although medyo mabagal ang deployment nito (due to budget reasons) - kaya extended ang LA class.

    Btw, Seawolf class ay hindi boomer (SSN lang siya). SSBN (b for ballistic) yung boomers... maraming class yan...
    thanks bro ohio class nga pala yung boomers katapat ng typhoon class ng soviet (very tough boat to sink). Last I heard parang reaserch platform na lang ang mga ohio class. Yup virginia class nga yung next sa 688/688i wala atang periscope eto but a mast with photo sensors of sort (medyo hi tech na) and your right mahal masyado hehe. Pero di naman ata sing mahal ng seawolf.

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    diesel-electric submarines are quiet making them almost indetectable when using batteries. they are quiter than nuclear subs since they do not need to run pumps during operation. maingay lang sila pag nag-charge ng battery. also meron bago stirling-electric submarine using stirling engines instead of diesels, kahit nagi-snorkel silent pa din. hanapin nyo sa "how stuff works" meron yata article dun about stirling-electric submarines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yebo
    eto kailangan natin for the air force, multirole trainer/COIN/ground attack turbo prop. may FLIR option plus IR night vision goggles for the pilots.

    Ayos nga sa atin ito ah. multirole/eaasy maintainability plus packs quite a punch with the weapons available, pwede pa mag night mission. you could also check this site out for air forces "order of battle" around the globe

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    Oct 2002
    Hehe, dami palang military geeks dito. Anyways if we really want to look forward, we should abandon manned fighters altogether and jump the UAV bandwagon.

    But the way things are going, paper airplane na alng paliliparin ng PAF.

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    Jun 2005
    the capabilities of the super tucano was derived from a specialized Bronco OV-10D NOGS (Night Observation & Gunship). To me this is still the best COIN aircraft ever designed. From a standard OV-10A they installed:
    - chin mounted FLIR turret (forward-looking IR)
    - M197 3-barrel 20mm rotary canon in an underbelly turret
    - the cargo space behind the cockpit which originally can carry 4 paratroops, were converted to carry more fuel and a lot of ammo for the gun turret
    - fuel from wing tanks + cargo bay meant longer loiter time
    - silenced engine with exhaust pointing upwards to reduce ground IR signature
    - titanium bathtub underbelly can take hits up to 23mm shilka rounds

    They tested this gunship in a central america rainforest in the mid-80s and put it in auto acquire and destroy mode. The FLIR picked up a lit cigarette through thick foliage at an altitude of some 500 ft. The rotary canon was slaved to the FLIR and opened fire using compressed flechette rounds (like hyper-velocity nails going through tree trunks). The following morning they checked the target area by helo and found all the insurgents with bodies turn into kitchen seives.

    The USMC liked it so much that they tried to make a hellfire gunship out of it!
    It didn't prosper since the top brass didn't like propeller aircraft and the airframe of the bronco was too old.

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