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  1. FrankDrebin Guest
    Is it that the Allies uses both its Airforce(Catalinas) and Navy(Destroyers) to flush down the U-Boats?

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    Jun 2005
    Re: the myth about CBG (carrier battle group) invincibility. The soviets were practical in their military doctrines and they developed simple crude strategies which work. During the 60's up to the 90's all soviet made anti-ship missiles had 3 basic characteristics:

    1- OTH range (40 to 60 nautical miles as the americans would put it)
    2- accept mid-course guidance from a Kamov tandem rotor helo
    3- pack a 20 kiloton nuke warhead (minimum, some had 1-megaton nukes)

    haven't you noticed that practically all the soviet anti-ship missiles were nuclear-tipped up to the 90's (even those fired from fast attack boats) for saturation attacks.

    The idea was to launch a sea-skimmer from an OTH (over-the-horizon)position with the Kamov to correct terminal guidance from the horizon, arm the missile and guide it to the center of the carrier battlegroup. Once within the vicinity, detonate the nuke to wipe-out the entire carrier battlegroup. The soviets were not targetting individual ships, the nuke would take care of all the ships in the CBG.

    To address this, the americans brought out the ER (extended-range) variant of the Standard missile with OTH capability principally to shoot down the Kamov so it won't be able to provide terminal guidance, nor arm the missile and hope the missile would just go astray.

    Same principle with Warsaw Pact invasion doctrines. After the Berlin Wall fell, the soviet land forces hurriedly packed and went back home. In the central command base in Poland, NATO forces saw field manuals on how the Warsaw Pact armies would use tactical nukes of up to 5 kiloton neutron bombs since these had no blast damage, only enhanced radiation to kill all living organism and the neutron radiation would dissipate in minutes (electron radiation takes years to dissipate). As NATO admits, their villages are just 2 kilotons apart. (the a-bombs dropped in Japan during WWII were 2 kilotons).

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jaeger
    (the a-bombs dropped in Japan during WWII were 2 kilotons).
    ahhh, ang alam ko ang hiroshima bomb 12 kT, ang nagasaki bomb 15kT.

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    Dec 2003
    alin ba talaga? 2 kilotons seems too weak for an a-bomb..

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    Sep 2005
    Grabe ... ang bilis humaba nitong thread, hehehe. Maghapon lang akong busy, bilasa na yung mga posts na sasagutin ko. Anyway, na-DIY ko na ang annual service ng harabas kong Civic. Pasado na siya sa safety/emissions test at bayad ko na rin ang Road Tax. Pulubi na naman ako, all in one day.

    * rhops - personally, mas gusto ko hardware nung WWII - aircraft and armor. Walang fly-by-wire, plug-and-play, point-and-shoot, hehe. Matira ang matibay. Although I hate their politics, I admire the skill of people like Michael Wittman and Erich Hartmann, and also Douglas Bader, Saburo Sakai, etc.

    Mga tanong mo na MBT's ngayon ... Challenger II (UK), Leclerc (France) and Leopard II (Germany). Germany and the US used to work together on the MBT-70 tank, but design thinking was really at odds so they separated and the US made the Abrams and Germany the Leopard I.

    * badkuk - The US did use helicopters in combat in Korea but not as widely and extensively as in Vietnam. They did a battalion-size insertion once behind enemy lines, that's the biggest ops afaik. Trivia: As early as 1938-41 the Germans were already testing helicopters for rescue of downed pilots.

    Tama ka sa plight ng mga beterano natin. The simple fact is, nung 1941-1945 hindi pa sovereign ang Pilipinas at ang sundalong Pilipino under pa sa command structure ng USAFFE, 'merkano pa leader, si dugout Doug.

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    Mar 2005
    when you say kilotons, yun yun di-nrop o yun yun magnitude ng naproduce na bomb
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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by orly_andico
    Tell that to WW2 Grand-Admiral Karl Donitz, who sent U-boats into the Indian Ocean (the Monsoon Group).
    Adding to this ... German U-Boats even made trips to Japan and back to Germany during the war, and so did fleet submarines of the Japanese navy made trips to Germany. On some trips, there were cargos like the ME-109. PAK-88, etc. even the ME-262 jet fighter during the closing stages of the war.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by badkuk
    hmmm...anong brand/model ung maliliit na helicopters na laging kalaban ni AirWolf dati? i think it's the same one sa BlackHawk Down -- the really small ones who were doing strafing support? swak na swak sa budget natin un

    eto ba yun MH-6

    yun minsan sa movies may naka-mount na chain gun left & right.

    meron ata tayo ng ganito, sa mga Lito Lapid movies mayrun hehehe

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by FrankDrebin
    Is it that the Allies uses both its Airforce(Catalinas) and Navy(Destroyers) to flush down the U-Boats?
    Yes ... PBY Catalina's, B-24 Liberator's, Short Sunderland's ... basically any long-range aircraft the Air Force guys can give to close the air gap between Canada and Britain. This was closed by the addition of Greenland as a base and introduction of escort carriers (with Wildcats/Hellcats) into the convoy system.

    But none of it would have mattered if it weren't for the British invention, radar.

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    Mar 2005
    correction AH-6 Little Bird pala kapag may naka-mount na weapons

    siguro puwede na 'to sa tin. can afford na nga natin ito ...

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