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    May 2004
    mas magnada siguro kung meron tayong nuclear missles/silos. isa sa luzon, isa sa visayas at isa sa mindanao. para la magtangka na mag invade sa tin.

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    Oct 2002
    wow. ok na ok tong thread na to ah.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by need4speed
    sad to say he passed away over two decades ago... shrapnel's lodged in his leg still... i was still a youngin back then... my grandma tells us stories of his exploits and that of other relatives who served during WW2.

    saw some of the citations he received and medals given by the US gov't. as well. not sure if it was a distinguished service medal of a medal of honor or something.

    sad though... not a lot of people know about what happened like many forgotten hero's
    That is sad ... there are not much veterans around anymore and their rank is getting thinner by the year. Maybe you can help a bit by posting their stories. It's your chance to tell the story of Lt. Kare and others.

    And speaking of medals - your grandfather probably got the DSM and not the Medal of Honor - still a big honor though. No Filipino nor American of pinoy origin has ever received the MoH. Although there was this pinoy GI with the US Army in Europe, who killed 300+ Nazis and got the Distinguished Service Cross. His friends tried to campaign for a Medal of Honor for him but his service record got lost. I forgot his name but learned about him in a newspaper report years and years ago.

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    Dec 2003
    simbas are useless. remember one, when it got gunned by Steyrs and M14 ng abusayaf? then got finished by a RPG?

    simbas are more like for crowd control, serious civil distrubances, but for counter insurgency? hehehe pinag tawanan lang ng abu sayaf ang simba.

    what we need are small, mobile gun platforms, at hindi apcs, try looking at the German Weasel tank, kasi laki lang ng owner jeep , pero carries the punch equivalent of a tank destroyer. operated by two personel, and best of all tracked vehicle sya at hindi tyres.

    ang liit, parang kasi haba lang ata ng owner jeep, o toyota corolla, tested and proven na to sa afghanistan
    ginagwa ng militray natin ang mga apcs as support for infantry, hehehe like nangyari nun sa lamitan, tuloy sumabog ang simba. kita kita naman sa simba na di pwede sa ganun role. yung drivers canopy nya, bullter proof glass lang, sus, armored ng yung katawan nya, pero bullet proof lang ang canopy ng driver.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jaeger
    Good training and a lot of guts do count a lot when the shooting starts. I think our AFP has both - good training and battle-hardened soldiers. They're just too poorly equipped - sayang.
    Yup... training & motivation is what really matters.

    Look at the IDF during Israel's War of Independence & the Yom Kippur War. They managed to beat back better equipped & more numerous opponents from several nations out to gut them alive.

    Though to note... I have yet to see the the PNP & AFP's special forces in real action (e.g. hostage taking) up close to really gauge them.

    Though am sure that in a guerilla warfare (since I doubt that we can carry out a conventional warfare should we be invaded) we'll be able to hold our own against the invaders. Our islands are quite hard to defend & would pose a serious logistical nightmare for any would be invaders.

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    Mar 2005
    even the 3000 yrs-old ancient Egyptians had more firepower than us ....

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    Oct 2004
    straightSix thanks for the info Yak 38 forger nga pala, tagal ko na kasi nabasa "Red storm Rising" eh hehe. Personally mas gusto ko yung mga military hardware nung cold war, F15 eagle, F16 falcon, F 14 tomcat (my fav armed with phoenix missile woohoh!), Tornado, Mirage going against russin migs and sukhoi fighters. Kasi these things really go head to head though heavy na rin ang gamit nila ng elctronic devices. Ngayon kasi parang gulatan. Then for stealth fighter??? F117 A (kasi for me its more of a bomber) pag inabutan ka close range ng fighter planes 50 mm vulcan cannon it would tear it to pieces. Just dunno sa F22 raptor or the upcoming JSF (parang may supercruise na ito diba?) on how it would perform in close combat. Sa choppers naman cobra gunships and apache longbows (kaya lang parang mahirap i maintain yung mga apaches eh) pero yung comanche i like, cool yung design

    Sa sea naman syempre monopolya na ng US yan. Wala naman ata makamatch sa Carrier battle group ng Us navy (pag pinuwestuhan ka ng isang CBG and your hostile sa US medyo mag isip ka na hehe), along with FFG, DDG, and attack submarines. I guess the brits still have a carrier (forgot the name)yung sa france "foch" decommisioned na ata. Pero meron din ang russia i dunno kung nasundan yung Admiral Kuznetzov.

    Land naman syempre M1 A2 (120mm ba main gun neto) and the brits challenger tank (medyo luma na ata ito), nakamilimutan ko na yung MBT ng germany and france pero i know formidable din yun. How I imagine the phils would have an MLRS (battlewinner ba name neto not sure) panglaban sa insurgent "STEEL RAIN"

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    Aug 2003
    ARB:wala pa yata helicopter na huey ng WW2.
    actually nagamit lang ang helicopters in active combat duty during the Vietnam War. afaik nagamit na sya as early as the Korean War(remember M.A.S.H?) pero not directly in combat

    bluebimmer: hey at least the phil army has APCs, oks na un hehe
    naalala ko tuloy ung video footage on one of the coup attempts back in the Cory days. nakunan ng news crew ung isang APC na naflatan ng gulong. dyahe :D

    *straightsix: and the fact that the US gov't refuses to acknowledge the accomplishments of Pinoy WW2 veterans doesn't help either. buti pa ung showbiz, kahit papano e people know about the veteran's exploits
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    Aug 2003
    speaking of production pa rin ba ung Super Cobra? Itsura pa lang kakabahan ka na e :D

  10. FrankDrebin Guest
    So, any idea(s) for an alternative for the Viet veteran Hueys aside from the expensive UH60 Blackhawks?

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