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    Oct 2002
    wow, it took me 2 days to read this entire thread!

    i totally agree with mbt (parang familiar a ) and i feel sorry for those affected by the fuel pump problems.

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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by smeagol
    Hi themann,

    But you only put one-half of the equation.

    Fortuner 3.0 D4D = 1,573,000

    Fortuner 2.7 VVTI G = 1,268,000

    Difference in acquisition price =P 305,000

    Invested and compounding at 10% annually for 5 years = P491,000

    (Assumption here is that 1 year = 20,000 km therefore 100,000 km = 5 years)

    Five years later:

    Fuel Savings from using diesel = P 284,000.
    Opportunity loss from buying diesel = P491,000

    Total net loss from buying diesel 3.0 Fortuner and not the 2.7 VVTI G = P207,000

    Hi Smeagol,

    Adding to your analysis, savings from diesel should be compounded also via annuity assuming your savings will be invested . Saka yung difference ng market value ng diesel and gas innova (after 5 years) should also be considered.

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    Sep 2003
    You're right Geo. And ARB too. And there was another poster who said that the maintenance costs (substantially higher for diesel -- more oil, injector calibration, etc.) should also be factored in. A real analysis will involve dozens of factors and not just simplistic analysis I posted.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mbt
    just read up on this thread now, some comments:

    just my two cents, but don't get me wrong: i sympathize completely with car owners who have broken vehicles. we have a piece-of-****, always-broken, stalled-and-stranded-us-more-than-once wonder chevrolet in the garage too.
    hehehe ganyan pa din ang chevrolet mo. mine (i inherited na from my dad) is the best. no problems na whatsoever and and I always look forward in driving it, and also my friends love to ride with me hehehe

    the trade-off you must be ready to spend almost 10k for every 3-4 months PMS sa casa. this car cant be serviced sa labas like goodyear servitek or others, masisira talaga. maselan.

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    Oct 2004
    i just came from a provincial trip kanina using my d4d really happy about the ride quality and engine performance and fuel economy. however, i fully support those tsikoteers who want to go to the media to complain about their d4d engine problems. toyota should get to the bottom of this ASAP

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by jaeger
    Guys, Hope you can help me supply the info. of tsikot members who already underwent D4D surgery. Would like to know odo when your fuel supply pumps failed.

    strayWOLF -- entire CRDI system replaced July 2005 odo=?
    larshell ------ entire CRDI system replaced Oct 2005 odo=?
    lord --------- entire CRDI system replaced Oct 2005 odo=?
    3kings ------- entire CRDI system replaced Nov 2005 odo=1,500km.
    lexus -------- entire CRDI system replaced Nov 2005 odo=?
    Gabby ------- only fuel pump replaced Dec 2005 odo=1,200km
    bongliza ----- scheduled for CRDI replacement Jan. 21, 2006 odo=14,000km.

    pls. correct if needed & if you can't recall odo, pls. estimate na lang. TIA
    Partners, please confirm with your dealer if they did replace the whole CRDi system or not. I've talked to an officer of TMPC... Talagang Denso fuel pump lang daw ang may problem and is being replaced. Ang take ko sa kwento sakin is that a batch of faulty Denso fuel pumps got used during the assembly of the Innovas. A spring in the pump daw is the problem (may spring ba talaga yun?). I think that's the reason why they replace the pump only as the complaint arrives.

    Some dealers are just hyping the replacement, claiming that it's the whole CRDi system that was replaced and costs P120K, when what was actually replaced was just the fuel pump. They must think that if you guys think na willing silang mag shell-out ng P120K to replace your CRDi system at no-cost to you, ay tatahimik na kayo... D'yan sila mali...

    *larshell: Have your starter replaced and claim it against your Innova's warranty. Your starter's problem is obviously a consequence of the hard-starting problem caused by the faulty fuel pump.
    Last edited by vicoyski; January 13th, 2006 at 02:26 AM.

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    Nov 2005
    It's good if it's just his starter ang nagkaproblema dahil sa hard starting. Mahirap nyan baka nagkaproblema na rin ang engine flywheel sa malimit na pauli-ulit na pag crank ng engine to start it.

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    May 2005
    *Vicoyski, I post the list(pics) of parts replaced by Toyota pls see/search the thread. Complete CRDi system is replaced.

    *apexi_66, parang sa flywheel nga daw galing yong noise sabi ng mekaniko ng friend ko.

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    Nov 2005
    Larshell, malaki-laking trabaho yan kung sa flywheel nga ang problema. Better pasok mo na agad sa kasa. Baka kwentuhan ka na naman ng Toyota SA na walang langis kasi kaya maingay ang starter mo..hehehe Joke lang. IMO,D4D really sucks aminin man ng Toyota o hindi. VVTi is the best buy para sa akin.

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    Aug 2003
    d4d tsikoteers, i originally posted this on this thread. check nyo na lang...

Toyota D4D engine woes