Safety Tips

There are a few tips we recommend to outsmart the scammers and protect yourself while using tips are important for Buyers and Sellers.

Tip 1 Searching

Keep an eye out for significantly undervalued vehicles. Scammer will do this to attract potential victims. If the deal seems too good to be true it probably a scam.

Tip 2 Contacting the seller

  • If the seller hasn’t provided a phone number, make sure you established contact with the seller to find out they’re a legitimate seller.
  • If the seller has provided a phone number make sure it works, also check to see the other details the seller has provided are correct.
  • Ask questions about the vehicle to make sure the seller and their vehicle is genuine.
  • Find out as much information as you can! The more you know, the better you can make an educated decision.
  • Do not give any personal details other than the ones necessary to continue with the negotiation.
  • Do not make any payments to the seller before inspecting the vehicle and making sure it is what you want.

Tip 3 Inspecting the item

Tip 4 Paying the seller

  • We strongly recommend viewing, inspecting and test driving the vehicle before paying for it. The photos of the item might be great, but should double check in person before buying.
  • Where possible, arrange to meet at a neutral location like a police station car park and try to take someone with you when you meet the seller.
  • Be careful of sellers asking for a deposit at this stage. If you do choose to put a deposit down make sure you get a receipt for it.
  • After you negotiated the amount, it is time to purchase.
  • Use a method of payment that provides you with proof of purchase like a receipt or email confirmation directly from the provider.
  • Also ask for a signed receipt with the date and time to confirm payment.
  • Never send cash in the mail or by money transfer services such as Western Union.

Tip 5 Tip for Sellers

  • Choose a secure password to your account.
  • Be careful with buyers offering much more than the vehicle with worth.
  • You are selling a vehicle, not buying. Therefore do not accept any request to transfer money to a buyer.
  • When you receive the payment receipt, check it is genuine. It might be a good idea to contact your financial institution to check this. Scammers will fake a payment receipt and request a refund straight after.
  • Do not accept internal cheques or money orders.


  • never send you emails asking for personal information, account information or passwords.
  • do not offer any payment services.
  • Be careful with buyers and sellers asking your personal information.