Tsikot FAQS

1. Does Tsikot have a physical shop?
No. We are not a dealership. All dealers in the Philippines list their vehicles in our website. You can contact the dealer or private seller directly by selecting the car you are interested in buying. There are no fees and you can negotiate the price directly with the buyer.

2. Does Tsikot buy and sells cars?
No. Tsikot is the online website that allows dealers and sellers to list their vehicles and buyers search for them. The seller is the owner of the vehicle. The transaction is between the buyer and the seller.

3. Does Tsikot owns the cars listed in the website?
No. Tsikot doesn’t own the cars listed in our website. We provide the platform where sellers all over the Philippines to list their cars, so that the buyers can search and contact the seller directly.

4. Does Tsikot charge the buyer anything?
Tsikot is free to use. There is a charge for optional Feature Ad, where your ad will get a privileged position. But you can list for free without Featured Ad.

5. How do I do to get my vehicle(s) listed on tsikot.com?
On home page you can click the button ‘Sell your car’ and go through the 5 easy steps that will gather all the information related to your vehicle, such as make, model, description, images etc.

6. Should I share my listing on Facebook?
Yes, by all means. After you create your ad at tsikot.com feel free to post on your or our Facebook page, so all members can see your car for sale.

7. How do I get more information about a certain car?
You can contact the seller directly using the contact form or phone number in the vehicle page. These details are the seller direct contacts details. Tsikot.com does not intermediate negotiations between buyers and sellers.

8. How do I advertise on Tsikot.com?
We have advertising packages for our classifieds, News and Forums sections. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to sell your car, you can create the classified listing yourself by going to https://www.tsikot.com/listings/create

9. Does Tsikot.com sponsor events?
Yes, we do sponsor events. If you have an interesting event and would like to speak with us about sponsorship, please contact us.

10. How can I contact the seller if the phone number is not specified?
You can contact the seller by sending the contact form on the vehicle page. The seller will directly receive the contact form enquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.