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    Jun 2006
    i dont know why pero mas type namin ang M/T lalo na pag 4X4... cguro naman my sis can handle stiff clutch...

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    Apr 2004
    no experience on a vitara yet.. but don't put off matic's just yet... matic 4x4's seem to accelarate faster and smoother than manual's.. this is because of the different gearing.

    Besides, its really waaaay more comfortable driving around in a matic.... the difference is like night and day

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    Oct 2002
    yeah, the major downside of our '97 Vitara to me was the airconditioning. it's not toyota nor nissan-cold. and that's a big thing in the noon-day sun. same thing even with our '00 Grand Vitara. that's about it for me. mechanically, the Vitara is great.

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    Oct 2002
    That price gets you a '95 to '97 Vitara (check out the Vits for sale at ).

    Acquired a '95 M/T. Very early model (the ones with non-working a/c vent selectors and non-adjustable a/c thermostat wearing the alloy wheels with lots of spokes). I don't know what the owner did but the a/c is very cool. I prefer it over my Pajero during hot days. The clutch is not stiff though it is not very linear in operation requiring a good left foot to release smoothly.

    Feels very peppy around town but starts to run out of steam after 120kph. Had an overheating episode during extended expressway driving but I'm still investigating as the problem has not reccured since.

    Btw, here it is:

    The interior is no car, but it gets the job done. Got rid of the pink pedals as per Tsikoteer's advice and replaced the matting with Ultimat type (aka Calypso at ACE hardware). Transfer case lever is to the right of the parking brake lever and is not seen in photo. A multi meter is available for the center console (ala Pajero). But it costs between Php8-11K at your Zuk dealer.
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    Aug 2004
    I often hear about this problem with the vitara aircon. what is wrong with it? is it the compressor or is it the entire cooling system?

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    I also bought one and used it for 6 months. 95 model na manual. Yung akin malambot ang clutch and ok naman ang a/c. Matagtag coz of chassis design (dont compare sa car) pero hindi naman bone jarring like sa likod ng crosswind. Gets 7 km/liter sa city. Malakas hatak pero dahil sa gearing it loses steam around 100 kph. Nagloko yung hydrovac ko and had to convert it coz mahal yung suzuki na orig. Madali naman conversion. Kung gusto ko mag project car ok ito. May Vitara nga pala na diesel (Euro and Japan spec). Mazda RF ata yung engine, 2.0L.

    Otep: TSL din yung akin ha

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    Oct 2002
    Php8K ang original hydrovac. Sira din when the unit was acquired. The ride is 'matagtag' probably owing to the short wheelbase. But it does not ride like a Crosswind or a pick-up truck. Ok naman ang ride motions. You can load grandma in it and she won't get dizzy.
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    Sep 2007
    Buhayin ko lang thread, just got my zuk vit repainted kasi. All black, interior (seat cover, matting, upholstery, etc) - all black rin. Hehehe. Happy trailing everyone

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    Jan 2003
    wow tagal na pala last post dito, been reading through this thread, and last dec. 07 i finally got my vitara. its a 96 jlx matic. so far what i've had fixed are the 4 shocks. Kanina i had the its old super "talong" black tint changed, then my friend who owns the shop remembered he had 1 set OEM vitara floor mats, nung nilabas na waahhhhhhhhhh the driver side mat was missing, the set had 2 passenger side mats, then he looked for the other set, so hopes were up again, when we opened the bag, OEM dash wall insulator/silencers (the one installed behind the dash that goes down to the flooring, to keep heat from the engine coming in)

    sayang talaga.
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    Mar 2008
    a vitara second coming,left for dead last year,coz the owner my brodnlaw got a new has as cracked head and block.we just left it at the garage for almost a year when last october we were able to buy a surplus escudo engine in one of the suplus dealer here in cebu.the price 20th,but after a few tawad we got it for 13th. kasama na ang broken camshaft at yung holes nya sa head labasan ng oil ay na buni na rin,pero as to the other parts ok pa, btw japan galing ang engine 1.6 li. 16v sohc same as the orig as we take the risk,i brought the defective part to a reputable machine shop here and see if what they can do,the guy told me they could fix it for to make a long story short after a trial and error engine rebuilding with my one and only mechanic(i`m the assistant) in our backyard so here it is finally resurrecting,we test drive the vitara last dec.12 and until now it runs not exactly 100% but it already has travelled about 600kms.

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