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    Oct 2002
    1. how would i know a Japan version from local version? altho he said its a local version. i noticed the pull cable for the hood is in the passenger's side?

    -hhmmm..kakaduda nga to, better check other vitara units.

    2. if i put ladder and roof rack, where can i buy one, does it require clearance from LTO? How much kaya?

    - i don't think kailangan pa ng clearance from LTO. marami naman dyan along banawe mga car accessories. tanong-tanong ka na lang muna which brand is good. ;)

    3. where can i get fixed the power window switch?

    - i know kanzai surplus shop do some repairs sa mga power windows.

    HTH ;)

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    Oct 2002
    Halos lahat ng Suzuki units nasa passenger side ang hood latch. Some models are even hidden inside the glove box compartment. Yung iba naman nakatago sa ilalim ng footwell ng passenger.

    For display purposes, di na kailangan isama sa registration form (Official Receipt). Pero kung lalagyan mo sya ng cargo on long hauling trips, additional P300 (?) upon registration of your vehicle, annually.

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    Jul 2004
    i used to have a suzuki vitara 1994 model. i bought this brand new from pilhino and i was told it was one of the first 50 units brought in (mine was no 39, or so i was told)

    what i like about the zuke is it is reliable, easy to drive, durable and fun to drive. i brought this to the hills of sacramento, rizal (all in its muddy glory) as well as the nlex (i was able to do 160kph maximum that i allowed myself, no kidding).

    one drawback is that the legroom for the back seat is tight. i usually drive with the seat slid all the way back and this leaves very little legroom for any passenger behind me

    but overall, a great vehicle :D

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    Nov 2002
    I'll get the VITARA anytime.

    Ano ba ang magagawa ng Benz na hindi magagawa ng VITARA..? Now, baligtarin natin ang tanong.. Ano ang magagawa ng VIT na hindi magagawa ng benz? Andami..!! hehe..

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    Feb 2004
    yup, i agree. and if you lift it and put mud tires, mas marami pa talagang mapuntahan yan.

    as for the executive image. wala na yan, its not what car you drive anymore, its how you carry yourself and your company and if you can deliver results.

    and if the topic oc your car comes up, hirit ka lang, "i drive a trail ready vitara coz i work hard during the week but i need to recharge during the weekends" you will get more points with that, then driving an old benz.


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    Sep 2004
    I have an 8-1/2 year old manual JLX and I can only say one thing: great mini-SUV, great experience. It came with the power package (roof rack and bullbar with foglights). Suspension is still ok although I'm now on my second aircon compressor and have had two clutch overhauls. The engine has always run fine and has not given me any headaches. No regrets about owning one.

    I've driven my Vitara all over Luzon and it's been to the Babuyan Channel surfside of Aparri in the north and far south to the end of the highway in Matnog, Sorsogon. It's gone up the Cordilleras and part of the way up Mayon. It will readily go through any type of road or what looks like a road, fully loaded. Fuel economy isn't too good anymore in trafficky city streets but once I let it loose on provincial highways I can still get 10 to 10.5 kms/liter.
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    Oct 2003
    1. small and compact
    2. very capable and true 4x4(4lo & 4hi)
    3. high ground clearance
    4. nice ramp index ratios
    5. good power to weight ratio engine
    6. aftermarket parts availability(if you plan to modify it into a monster zuk)
    7. compubox located high(for flood)
    8. fuel economy - A OK if maintained properly.
    9. sturdy under body.
    10. OEM parts- built to last

    1. OEM aircon - not that sufficient
    2. OEM suspension - bouncy
    3. power steering component (pump +steering box)
    4. warping of door sidings
    5. power window switch
    6. fuel pump
    7. slow acceleration if matic
    8. insufficient leg room space at rear.
    9. expensive spare parts

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    Jan 2003
    Hi guys:

    Im planning to buy a 96 or 97 Vitara. I appreciate it very much and definitely will help me with my decision if you can give any feedback about the vehicle model.

    thanks in advance.

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    Are you getting the A/T or the M/T? Well we had a Vitara for 8 years and its a reliable vehicle. A/T averages around 7-8kms/li don't know about the manual. Its kinda cramped at the rear (seats) and boot, has a plastiky interior, high ground clearance. Check the aircon (if it cools even at idle), we had problems with it before.

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    ano ba bro requirements mo for the vehicle that you want? May following ang Vitara. Had a 95 unit na manual. The gas consumption is on the high side. 7-7.5 km/ltr. The engine is torquey giving you good pulling power but of course may trade off pag high speed na. Matibay ilalim. Kung diesel yung Vitara I'd buy it again anytime. Parts di ganun karami relative sa Toyota/Honda. Kung konsumo very important sayo then think twice. Yung matic minsan 5-6 km/ltr lang depende sa kondisyon nung makina. May Vitara club nga pala and they are a big help if ever you decide to get one. Ok ipang-off road yan.

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