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    Jan 2003
    i really am concerned about fuel economy. thank you guys, for the info. appreciate it a lot.

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    Oct 2002
    anyone using the suzuki vitara jlx(?) 1995/96 model? yung boxy body type pa...we are planning to buy one kasi just to transport us from point A to B but with great consideration to fuel consumption. how much yung fuel consumption ng vitara nyo in terms of km/liters or miles per gallon? may diesel variant din ba 'to (specially in europe/UK)? kung meron, ano rin yung fuel consumption? yung 2nd row seat ba pwede i-fold yon for more space (para in case may ikakarga kami na medyo malaki sa likod)? thanks in advance.

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    Oct 2004
    nung kami dati manual amin e nasa mga 6 ata e .. sa alam ko medyo matakaw to e pero maybe dahil maliit alng tangke.. pero nung gamit ng dad ko dati natatakawan sila pero malakas naman hatak at humahataw yung vitara !

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    Nov 2002
    It should be just slightly less economical than a typical 1.6 car. Small Suzukis are known to be among the most efficient brands. A manual Vitara in tip-top shape should do around 7 or more in the city.

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    Oct 2002
    It can do around 7-9 km/L if you keep in tip-top shape and don't go with big tires, etc.

    We just got one. 1995 GLX M/T. May diesel variant siya sa Europe pero AFAIK, outsourced ang engine and not from Suzuki.

    Split folding ang seatbacks ng Vitara. Pero if you have to tumble the seat forward (for yet more floor space), one piece lang yung cushion so you can only carry the driver and passenger in this configuration.

    Yes, its built like a tank. Quite zippy too. Nanibago ako when I got back into my Pajero. Akala ko palyado engine ko or something.
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    Oct 2002
    I'm doing around 7 to 8 km per liter on my JLX automatic combination of city and highway.

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    I had one last year. 6-7 km/liter sa city. 95 model, stick. torquey engine, built na pang hatak but suffers on the high gears. sabi nga ni otep, built like a small tank. mahal piyesa relative to cars and hindi ganun karami surplus. Had to change me hydrovac and i ended up converting it coz ang mahal nung orig and pati yung surplus ang mahal. stiff ride compared to cars of course pero bagay sa daan natin. Yung diesel meron sa Europe, Mazda engine na Rseries, 2.0L. Yun ang interesting. Otep marami sa surplusan, turbo pa!

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    Oct 2002
    ok, thanks for all your inputs guys. kaya pala isa sya mga pinakamura dito sa UK among the used cars/mini-SUV, fuel consumption is probably the main reason. most of the compact cars kasi dito 12~16km/lit ang takbo. mura sana, around P100,000 kasi nakalagay sa mga used car adds nila. thanks again.

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    Jun 2006
    mga bro, what specific yr. model of vitara is a good buy... we're planning to buy our little sis a mini 4x4... ok ba tong vitara kasi low budget lang mga 230t to 270t... preferably M/T 4x4 rough road kasi d2 sa amin....

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    Oct 2004
    we had a m/t vitara before problem was the clutch, cable clutch kasi so baka matigasan sister mo samin sobrang tigas na at ang hirap timplahin ! so i suggest get her the automatci version nlng ... yung amin rin pala has problems with the aircon mahina ! 1997 model pala amin so baka the newer ones ok na pero matibay vitara na to tpos sa baha abot na ng hood ok pa ! so ithink if you just go for the matic version you wont have much of a problem

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