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    Oct 2002
    all i can say is this...

    1. kung all your life, you're driving a sedan and you want some change, do get a vitara.
    2. You suddenly felt this urge to be adventurous go out of the monotonous city life, enjoy nature every weekend, then get a vitara.
    3. most of your time was consumed by your corporate/business life and you need a proper business automobile that will command respect to your peers, then get the Benz.
    4. You are not a kind of person that venture into the unknown, where road ends and a different life starts, then get the benz..

    dami pa eh....

    thats all for now...lunch na muna ako...hehehehe

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    Jul 2004
    hmmmmm, vitara :D

    IMHO, mas mababa ang upkeep and more fitting for the streets (and rivers) of metro manila, hehehehe. teka, metro manila ba gagamitin ito?

    yun lang po

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    Oct 2002
    Medyo malayo ang comparison to make an honest opinion..

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    Oct 2002
    the W124 benz will be worlds more comfortable than the vitara, but that much should be obvious already hehe

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    Mar 2004
    saan mo ba gagamitin? kung sa farm and medyo off road yung dadaanan mo... basta di maganda road conditions sa vitara ako pero kung sa city lang naman i still prefer the benz

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    Oct 2002
    hmm.. take note of 5speed's points to consider...being an executive is stressful and tiring..kaya on weekends, you might want to go out of town (e.g. kaliraya) the vitara would be more fit..

    my experience kasi..when i had the chance to go to kaliraya with my titos, i pushed them that we use my car instead (mazda familia, lowered, etc) rather than our suv..ang sarap pagpunta kasi mountain twisties and flat roads..even told them na sulit lahat ng pinag-gagawa ko sa kotse ko..then pagdating sa kaliraya, medyo naging rough roads na..hindi na sulit yung pinag-gagawa ko sa kotse ko..hehehe sayad ng sayad..lesson learned..OT na a..hehehe sorry po..

    the benz would also be a bit older than the zuk so be ready for repairs..

    so ayun..upkeep would also be in favor to the opinion and experience po.
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    Oct 2002
    Dude, no offense pero a 190e doesnt really strike me as an executive car

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    Oct 2002
    why not get both worlds in one vehicle?... meron naman SUV na MBENZ, right?

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    Feb 2004
    guys, revive ko lang ito at makisakay na rin.

    i might have a budget of about P350,000. I am leaning toward a vitara kasi probinsya ako, want to go trailing if i can find kasama, i go scuba diving din, and would like to tow a trailer sometimes.

    mukhang tailor made ata ang vitara sa mga needs ko, what do you think?

    other options at P350,000 with my above mentioned needs?


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    Oct 2002
    lucky...bagay na bagay ang vitara dyan sa gensan... ;)

    OT: might be visiting Gensan two weeks from now....

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