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    Oct 2002
    Doon dapat sila sa st lukes

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    Sep 2003
    ang tanong diyan....i-disperse kaya ng pnp ang mga protesters sa naia kung matuloy yung "occupy naia"?

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    Oct 2002
    Kung ao ginawa nila arroyo sa mga protesters na pro sa kanila before, ganun din dapat gawin

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    Sep 2003
    topacio: poll sabotage case vs GMA railroaded.

    Poll sabotage case vs GMA railroaded: lawyer | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

    tumahimik ka na topacs. ayaw mo nyan.....di mabababawasan itlog mo.

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by sgt_taga View Post
    ang labo naman kase... presidents nominate/appoint SC justices

    tapos co-equal branches?

    independent of each other?

    somethings wrong with logic, imho.
    Agreed. Maybe they should be elected by the people as well, assuming they have the qualifications. Something to think about if ever charter change is pushed.

    Ano kaya pwede gawin sa balls ni Topacio if ever makaalis ang mga Arroyo?
    a) Idisplay sa IBP (Deterrent sa mga lawyer na mas mabilis ang dila sa utak)
    b) Auction sa Ebay (Malay natin pagkakitaan ng gobyerno. Lots of weird collectors out there)
    c) Idisplay sa museum (For educational purposes)
    d) Idonate sa science (To gather data on the correlation between the size of a man's bravado vs actual egg size)

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Altis6453 View Post
    No and no.

    The case still has to be filed with the proper court (after a raffle) and a corresponding warrant of arrest issued against the accused. Resolution pa lang yan ng investigating body (COMELEC).
    assuming kasama sa petition ang HDO (Hold Departure Order).. when should the HDO be acted on by the court? after arraignment? before arraignment? immediately?

    sa Raffle, it can be somehow be allegedly manipulated na mapunta sa isang judge na "mas gusto" ng nag file... question is, legally.. and by protocol (Rules of Court<?>), ano ang proseso sa paglabas ng HDO? hearing pa rin ba??

    sa kabilang banda, nag file din sila GMA / FG ng petition sa SC to prevail upon lower courts against the filing of any charges related to election sabotage against them... granted na there's a chance na delaying game lang yun... what happens... kung nag rule agad lower court kahit may pending issue na sa SC... will that be again a stalemate between the lower court and the SC?

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    Nov 2007
    Arroyo spokesman: Court cannot issue instant hold order - Nation - GMA News Online - Latest Philippine News

    eh hindi pa nga rin na serve ang TRO nasa airport agad si GMA eh
    lahat ng ginagawa ng bawat party nag baback fire hahahahahah

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    Mar 2011
    Money and connection is at work here for the Arroyos... Biruin mo diretso agad sa SC.

    GMA: Hello Nato [corona] pwede ba 1 million ang lamang.
    Nato: Naku maam di po pwede 13 lang kami.

    DOJ na ang bahalang sumakit ang ulo After makaalis ang arroyo

    SC allows the Arroyos to leave. Thats good news for the RICH and CORRUPT POLITICIAN and of course the SICK. I presume this decision becomes part of the law of the land. If you are facing charges that is pending preliminary investigation. Then this is the way to go. Seek madical treatment abroad.

    Kasalanan naman natin lahat ito. bumoto ka ba naman ng mga Lawmakers na gumagawa lang ng batas na pabor lang para sa kanilang mga politician.

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    Oct 2011
    Supreme Court ruled that TRO is still in effect. Ano kaya ang mananaig TRO or WLO?

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    Nov 2007

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De Lima order to hold Arroyo is it unconstitutional ?