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    Jan 2010
    anyone here knows how much projector lamp for honda esi? pls txt me 09282082977.. ty

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    Quote Originally Posted by surg View Post
    hehe pacencya na po pero lalo ako nalito. so magkaiba po pala wattage ng bulb sa ballast? if yes, do you mean ok na po 35 watts na bulb basta 50 watts yun ballast?
    sana po habaan nyo pa pacencya nyo sa mga tanong ko

    running a 35W china bulb with 50W ballast produce so much heat that it can damage the chrome in the reflector bowl of projectors, much as with semi sealed projectors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_quilicot View Post
    ^^ Oo nga pala. thanks NH. looking forward to meet you personally.

    Btw, do you sell HID kits alone?

    Pa PM price if ever. Thanks.
    we're not advocates of PNP kits so puro mga D2S mga stocks dito

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    Quote Originally Posted by testament11 View Post
    o, nighthawk, thanks for sharing them what you taught me nung nagpa-retrofit ako sa yo a few months ago. i'm glad na maganda ang respond ng mga tsikoteers sa thread mo.
    sure bro. imparting knowledge sa motorist is very important. Ang nangyayari kasi ngyun e nagkakabulagan lang kasi sa kalsada due to misleading information and marketing of these HID PNP kits.

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by dixoy View Post
    ano po kailangan palitan para sa lite ace 91 model? recommended ba na mag HID ako o H4 na lang? anong brand and model ang ayos?


    Dixoy bai, basaha sa una ang first page. hehe...


    fniished reading first post?

    I think you still have a shot using a HID. you could buy a cheap bolt-on projector hid kit from our local sellers or even cheaper through ebay:

    note: the first two items does not have ballasts yet...

    the cut-off is not as good as the retrofit ones though. but it is still way way better than using halogen reflector. seen them and it glares bad...

    though it would be better to have your headlamps cyrstal clear first. read the 4th page on how can you make your headlamps crystal clear.

    *NH: Nice write up, ganda ng mods

    love pics with the light throws!
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    Jan 2006
    continuation how to possibly put one on a Lite Ace:

    baked and wet sanding:



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    good job sanding those. fortunately its plastic. others who have glass fluted lens are a little impossible to do. but hey each of us has his own ways. hehe

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    Jan 2006
    nako po, hindi po sa akin yan.

    galing yan dito;

    this might help our ka-tsikot Dikoy. afaik, plastic ata yung sa lite ace if I'm not mistaken.

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    Apr 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by NighthawkGT View Post
    if its plastic then sanding it would be another alternative, but its veryvery difficult to do that. the next problem is after sanding it, it gets blurred out, and its hard to polish it again and again to be as clear as the real thing.

    we tried this once and we gave up
    but the problem is..... glass yung headlight cover ng Trooper

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Starex_Gold View Post
    but the problem is..... glass yung headlight cover ng Trooper
    sg, yan ang problema nga. hindi ko din alam paano ka pwede tulungan sa retrofit mo sa trooper. unless magpapa-fabricate ka ng eagle eyes para dyan at sabay salpakan ng low beam projectors o quad projectors setup

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