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    Dec 2007

    my innova is 2005 model e variant. i had the choking problem, hard starting problem at less than 5000 km. I brought the problem to toyota north balintawak. before that, i was also trying to get in touch with the president of TMP, the japanese head. To cut the long story, they were able to fix the problem. they change my fuel pump, the common rail as well as the injectors. So far, 40,000kms have passed, and the innova is still running fine and effecient (10.4 kms/liter in city driving). The dealership spent around 120,000 pesos for the above repair. I suggest you talk to the sevice manager and not the service adviser only, or better yet sa general manager.

    You can also try contacting bosch diesel center, they are also aware of the problem (at least the choking problem). They maybe of help. try mo lang. One person there is also writing here in tsikot forums (dieseldude). Baka sakali sila maka-solve ng problem.

    hopefully, maenjoy mo na innova mo. its a nice vehicle kaya lang medyo slow, compared to the carens. but still its a nice vehicle. and sana nga lang medyo mababa clearance sa likod.

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    Jun 2008
    Hi, i've been searching the whole forum on Innova Black smoke and it seems that we have not found the solution.

    I have the same problem with my 2008 D4d Innova matic, 20,000km the engine is perfect, (just remove the black smoke).

    It starts to emit black smoke at 1500 to 1700 rpm while running. when i step on it some more.. naturally it becomes a thick black smoke.

    How do we correct this?? I already changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and i used original toyota filters. As for the oil, i used the petron trekker oil and it is still the same. I also had it checked with the computer testing of a reputable shop. they plugged in their computer into the port on the drivers side.. The testing said my engine is perfect and ok.. wierd...

    Help Help....before my car gets impounded for violation of environmental laws.

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    Jul 2009
    How about the injection pump . Na pa calibrate mo na ba magmula ng nakuha mo ang sasakyan.

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    Jun 2008
    Thanks for the advice speed unlimited.

    Hindi ko pa na pa calibrate yung injection pump. I was thinking parang medyo bata pa yung sasakyan for that may power naman ang car? Or is this a factory defect?

    If ever do you know of a good place to calibrate the injection pump for the Innova Diesel? Mga magkano kaya papatak ang calibration?


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    Dec 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by emptytank View Post
    Thanks for the advice speed unlimited.

    Hindi ko pa na pa calibrate yung injection pump. I was thinking parang medyo bata pa yung sasakyan for that may power naman ang car? Or is this a factory defect?

    If ever do you know of a good place to calibrate the injection pump for the Innova Diesel? Mga magkano kaya papatak ang calibration?

    Consult mo si Dieseldude, threadstarter sya ng Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System Helpdesk. He knows a thing or two about the D4D issues.

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    Jun 2008
    Thanks for the Reply People.

    Just wanted to share how i was able to solve the problem. I started reading about EGR problems on diesel engines and problems encountered by other innova 2kd-ftv owners. Then, i got a little idea on how much i should spend to fix this dam car. About 100,000 Pesos daw to replace those common rail, injection pump, turbo, Egr (as for what other Tsikoteers spent on repairing the innova) I was problematic since i still have to pay for the future installments of this vehicle and i can't afford another 100k for repair.

    So after analyzing the engine, i decided to do an experiment. I removed the vacum hose that goes to the EGR and drove it the next two days. Bingo, 80% improvement on black smoke emisions. Literally the black smoke is almost gone. It only comes out now when the RPM hits 3,500 (minimal black smoke). When i connected the vacum hose back to the EGR, it was back to the same problem (black smoke at 1,500 rpm). I can say that the EGR is actually causing the Emission of Carbon. A bonus is there is about a 10% IMPROVEMENT on the acceleration of the car.

    The "bring to Dealer" light went on but it eventually went off after a day. Who really cares as long as it does not emit black smoke. Now, by removing the Vacum hose on the EGR will it bring any ill effect on the engine of my vehicle?

    Any idea?

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    Aug 2010
    Greetings. Just wanted to share that 2 years ago, my company gave me an E Variant Innova A/T. After 7,000 kms, it started smoke belching upon accelaration. Toyota Pasong Tamo had me practically living in the dealership for 2 months and I didn't get any work done. This is the list of what they did based on what I remember over span of several months:

    1.Changed Turbo Charger
    2.Changed EGR
    3.Cleaned exhaust pipe several times
    4.Tested Diesel Fuel
    5.Reprogrammed Computer
    6.Changed Injectors

    None of these things solved the problem permanently and I have the unit back to the company. Toyota Pasong Tamo steadfastly refused to change the unit and just kept wasting everyone's time repairing it.

    I hope no one ever goes thru what I went thru. I'll never buy a Toyota again!! Di tama yung ginawa nila....

    Thanks for reading this friends.


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    Mar 2012
    good morning tsikoteers...i stumbled upon this thread because i am an 2010 innova J D4D owner (the v-shaped grille) and a newbie on this forum as well.

    My unit already has 18k KMS (yup, hindi siya masyado ginagamit) on it since we bought it last december 2009 (was already considered a 2010 model) and it seems that Toyota has already rectified/corrected the problem. I have no black smoke upon cold start, acceleration (kung aabot sa 3+k RPM, may katiting na usok but not black.) and power is great.

    Ask ko lang, is it true that they already fixed the flaw (that they don't want to admit na it's a flaw) with the D4D system on 2009-2012 Innovas and other toyota vehicles powered by the same Toyota KD engine?

    And another question, does the innova use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? Or puro catalytic converters lang siya? kasi EURO II compliant daw ang 2KD-FTV...

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    Feb 2008
    for the black smoke, malaki chance na EGR ang problem as stated above. i have already posted this before. the thing that causes the EGR to foul is the use of oil with wrong API rating. for diesel vehicles with EGR, use ONLY CI-4 or better motor oil since this oil was designed to be used with EGR. using wrong oil will block the EGR with carbon gunk.

    CI-4 Introduced in 2002 for high-speed four-stroke engines. Designed to meet 2004 exhaust emission standards implemented in 2002. CI-4 oils are formulated to sustain engine durability where exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is used and are intented for use with diesel fuels ranging in sulphur content up to 0.5% weight. Can be used in place of CD, CE, CF-4, CG-4 and CH-4

    Read more: Car Bibles : The Engine Oil Bible

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    Feb 2011
    woah. ngayon ko lang nabasa itong thread, ang tagal na din pala. sa lahat ng nagka problema na D4D innova dito (including fortuner, hilux, hiace), sobrang hindi niyo yun deserve. sana naayos talaga mga units niyo or napalitan nila ng bago. napakalaking abala at damage ang nangyare. hay.

    i saw a fortuner yesterday, plate was ZBL-*** colored dark blue. i think that one was a 2007 model, correct me if i'm wrong. it was emitting super duper black smoke, way blacker than the smoke of the busses and jeeps. i saw the fort in a very low speed. i think he was running for just 25kph and the smoke occurs already in that speed, ugh.

    sana wala na talagang ganitong problema sa ngayon. i'm also an owner of a D4D 2011 innova G, sana wala. ramdam ko din yung ganyan. habang nababasa ko to parang yung isip ko napapamura na "ba't ganun nangyare." tsk tsk.

HELP!!! My innova D4D Black smoke- pls Help!!!