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    Feb 2011
    which do you think is a better performing tire for a 16" mags? the Kumho Ecsta SPT? or the Federal 595 EVO?

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    Dec 2007
    been using kumho stock tires for my chevy spark 30k mileage still no problem.

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    May 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Tempter View Post
    For someone who is on a tight budget, what brand can you recommend for a 205/65/R15 tire???

    Mahal na ba yung 3K for that size? O median lang yan?

    I recently replaced our Innova's tires with that size, I used Nankang. Cost was around P. 3,200 per tire. This is my 2nd set of Nankang on the Innova.

    I find Nankang's to be a good value tires, decent performance for the price. I have tried in my previous pick-up their all-terrains and it was grippier and quiter than the Bridgestone. I am also currently using Nankang on my current pick-up, am using 265/60 R18. So far so good, grip is really good.

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    Aug 2005
    any reviews on westlake brand mga sirs?

    due to replace na yong akin. 195/55R15

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    Oct 2006
    Just bought a pair of Yokohama Aspec A300 , 18570R14, 3,000/pc.
    Gusto ko sana iba naman, kaso halos same price na rin compared sa:
    - Goodyear duraplus (3,100/pc)
    - Gajah is 2,950/pc.
    So...i've decided na OEM na rin, no problem with it for the last 6 years.

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    Jun 2011
    try nyo explore ang site na to for some valuable info on tires

    Tire brands from Consumer Reports

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    Aug 2005
    any reviews on westlake brand mga sirs?

    due to replace na yong akin. 195/55R15

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    Feb 2010
    check out neuton nt5000 tires. They have good reviews from

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    Apr 2008
    Got my kumho solus kh17 in less than a month... experience a road pot hole last wednesday, and i noticed a swell (bukol) on side wall so i have it checked by the tire shop where i bought it, sad to say they did not gave me my warranty for that deffect... Ok i understand that it is due to the bump from the pot hole BUT for LESS THAN A MONTH?! where's the quality and durability there?!I've been through much harder bumps with my old Good Year tires and havent experienced swell! Now i have to buy for another tire... i should have got a micheline tire!

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    Oct 2002
    guys pasuggest naman
    pang suv... gusto ko sana a/t kayalang namamahalan ako.. ano ba mga sulit?

    ito mga nakanvas ko

    a/t 265/70R16 8250
    h/t 265/70R16 7100

    h/t 275/70R16 5000

    1 set of 4 around 7 to 8t

    any suggestion?

    im on dunlops a/t 275/70R16..
    tagal ko nadin ginagamit kayalang puros bukol na


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