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    Feb 2006
    posible din namang di sya ang gumawa nung friendster account na yun.

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    Mar 2005
    mahirap talaga ma-inlove sa tramp

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    Dec 2005
    di pa niya ako pinapakilala sa parents niya dahil traditional and strict ang parents niya.

    according to her, natatakot siya dahil pinagbawalan na daw siya magchat ng parents niya dahil ayaw nilang may nakikilala siya sa chat much more maging BF pa. ang alam ng parents niya ay school-to-house lang siya lage kaya magtataka kung san ako nakilala. ayaw niya humantong na malaman ng parents niya about us tapos ipaghihiwalay kami. kaya she's taking time daw for the right time na pwede na niya ako ipakilala maybe kapag may work na siya. dahil up to now bata pa rin turing sa kanya and she can't go out whenever she want.

    on my part, napakilala ko siya sa dad ko, sa bro ko, sa ilan friends ko dahil seryoso ako sa kanya. i even had a heart to heart talk with my mom about this girl kasi ayaw ng mom ko sa inter-racial relationship. kaya seryoso talaga ako sa gf ko kaya kinausap ko mom ko. di siya ganon kasang-ayon but she's letting me be dahil buhay ko naman ito at gusto ko naman daw yun girl.

    ginagawa ko part ko as a bf and to show her na i'm really serious about her.

    regarding the friendster account, i don't think na bf niya gumawa nun. tsaka granting na bf niya gumawa nung account, yung itsura ng gf ko sa pic ay mukhang latest yun e. yun nga lang pwede magimbento ng date kung kailan nangyari yun. nakalagay na date sa dun ay nagsasabing nakipag date siya sa ex niya ng 1st month namin.

    for some reason, di ko siya makuhang iconfront agad. usually, i know na kapag may ganon situation ay magrereact ako agad and confront the person pero for some reason there's something inside me that's stopping me. di ko lang alam kung dahil in denial ako, tanga o tama nararamdaman ko.

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    Dec 2003
    since super seryoso ka sa kanya, i think ang pumipigil sayo magconfront is takot ka maghiwalay kayo at mawala sya sayo.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel knight View Post

    uls, i'm not that insecure to asked for her email password. i'm helping her with her project, her groupmate is going to email her part to her but my gf is already tired and wants to take a nap. so she asked me to check her email so that when her groupmate email the project i could start already coz she might not wake up on time. and true enough she woke up morning na, buti nalang natapos ko project niya para may ipasa siya.

    honestly, i don't get what you mean by i should be man enough and not stoop to guys her age. how can i do that when gf ko na siya and not in the courting stage tapos nakikipag date pa siya sa ex niya while in the relationship at may tinatago pa siyang friendster account. hindi ba parang she's cheating on me? could you please enlighten me.
    Mr. Knight, first, about the email password. Ok, so she gave it to u for that certain project. U should have stopped there. She didnt think u would snoop around. But u did coz the temptation was too great.

    Now that u know what u know, and if u confront her about it, what will it make u look like? definitely not a secure, confident, trustworthy bf.

    Instead of learning to love u more, u could be sabotaging her connection with u.

    So what if she goes out with her ex. Ok that's cheating. But u know she's not over him yet. You knew that when u were courting her. It's her feelings and she can't turn it off like a switch. There's nothing u can do about it. I know u know that. You should have expected that. She carried her emotional baggage into your relationship.

    If u confront her, will her feelings for her ex diminish? U could even push her closer to her ex if u give her emotional stress. Guess who will she call if she gets pissed.

    Anyway, about the man thing. It's just my reaction to ur plan to confront her ex. Dont do that. Pagtatawanan ka lang ng ex nya. the guy knows ur gf still loves him. Ur probably older than him. Ur supposed to be more mature, cool and confident. A confrontation with her ex will make u look pathetic.

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    Jun 2005
    seems you really like the girl, but my opinion is that you should move on. even if she end up with you, i bet you will never be sure about her sincerity after everything you found about her. at least on this thread, you get to see a 3rd and manyak point of view

    ill say the same "dump her and move on" opinions posted here (and deep inside resisting to suggest the manyak opinion again about backdoor and add dirty sanchez).

    you deserve better.

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    May 2005
    Paging GS (GearSpeed po and not Glennster) !!! hehehe

    Your advise badly needed here!
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    Mar 2004
    Hi Knight,

    True Love is a mutual undertaking, and based on your account, you are not having one, she should be doing more, and if she can't, move on... or the least that you can do, confront her...

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    Oct 2004
    True love does not equal 2 mos.


    Edit trunk of a car is a good place to.......:spider:

    Edit2 all my internet girlfriends last name ends in jpg.....

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    Jun 2005
    Sa tingin ko... hiwalayan mo na. Don't think you'll ever be able to trust her.

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should i confront her or not? need some advice