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    Oct 2003
    pag-ebeg nga naman

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    You could talk to her during the halloween dance, no???

    Edit would love to see the face of her parents when you get introduced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel knight View Post
    i haven't confront her yet.

    i know the fact that she's not into me and that breaks my heart considering na mag 3months na kami. i can think of five possible reasons right now, super strict parents niya, panakip butas lang ako, she's still hoping for her ex, huge age gap or she's just a player.

    i don't feel like confronting her using the reason that i snooped around her email coz it could work against me and i don't want that to happen. another reason, i have to admit that i really love her. like what sir flagg and sir uls said, break up now or later, masasaktan rin naman ako.

    i can't find any solid reason to break up with her right now. i cannot use the reason that she's not into me, that she don't want to introduced me to her parents, that she can't meet up as often as i want to and etc., coz she would just accused me of not understanding her since she already told me her parents are very strict and i don't want to have a break up where it will be my fault lalo na siya na nga yung may shortcomings.. it looks like i'm cornered right now and no place to go.

    that, and the fact that i love her, made me decide to continue the relationship for a few weeks to a few months. by doing this, she can either start to love me na(some work on my part also) or i could discover more negative things about her and use that as a more solid reason for a breakup. of course, call me dumb but i prefer the former.

    what i'm going to do is easier said than done coz i admit, ngayon pa lang nahihirapan na ako. minsan i would hope that this would end na lalo na kung niloloko lang niya ako at wala na ito pupuntahan, but there are times that nararamdaman ko pa rin na mahal ko siya and would still hope for better days. ang hirap talaga to be honest. minsan i'm wondering why she won't broke up with me yet, maybe she don't have any concrete reason to do so either and she's still enjoying me coz ako lagi humahabol but i hope things would get clearer in due time.

    kaya i'm hoping and praying that she either start to love me or i would discover something that i would have a more solid reason to end it all.
    if you want her to fall in love with you..dont be a wussy and stop texting her, stop calling her and stop running after her....make yourself invisible for a will make her more want you.

    let her break it up..if she a man and accept it...dami dyan parehas din ng personality nya pero walang may ari!

    wait...i dont understand why i ended up in this thread...hehehe..san na yung religion thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flagg View Post
    Your lady love is immature. Confrontation will only make it come out more. Then poof... just you and your hand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by k2tingx View Post

    stop fooling deserve someone..BETTER!!!
    He's right. Stop deluding yourself and get on with your life.

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    Oct 2004
    Loli complex = :drool:

    Edit Prison break = good show

    Edit2 must be hard to communicate with people on a different level...*swoosh*
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    More than 2 weeks na itong thread ah, still no pics or ban reaction. Pwede ba makita yun friendster account?
    Is she chinese or are you the chinese one? I'm assuming na Chinese-Filipino relationship ito.
    Is she the bilmoko type or do you shower her with gifts ba?

    I don't mean to meddle, just trying to help you analyze things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by city View Post
    wait...i dont understand why i ended up in this thread...hehehe..san na yung religion thread?
    ...isnt this your religion? the religion of LOVE.

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    I worship at the house of ***.

    Edit Inexperienced women makes me hot......:hysterical:
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    Dec 2005
    just an update:

    she broke up with me already and it's really painful.

    she said she can't risk it all for me kahit na mahal niya ako and the thought of what her parents might think about us scares the hell out of her daw. she acknowledges that it's her fault and she apologized for hurting me and not treating me the way that i deserved.

    i have no other recourse but to let her go na coz nasasaktan na rin ako sa nangyayari. i guess kahit gaano niya ako kamahal, the thought of what other people might say about our huge age gap really worries her alot. dati nabanggit na rin niya yan when she broked up with me. tpos yung magiging reaction pa ng magulang niya and the fact that she hasn't gotten over her ex yet.

    i guess what's left of me is that i tried my best and give my all to prove to her my sincerity. i guess time will tell kung siya ba talaga para sa akin. i still love her very much and i can't deny the fact that i would still hope that she'll have a change of heart but i won't expect.

    thank you all for sharing your advice and opinions.

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should i confront her or not? need some advice