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    Jan 2006
    the only thing i can say.... TRUST ------> COMMUNICATION ----> UNDERSTANDING -----> DECISION ----- > ACCEPTANCE

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    Oct 2002
    syota sa chat/friendster? pang biglang-liko lang yan, di dapat yan seryosohan

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    Mar 2006
    Obviously she's just playing with you, just play along and enjoy the ride. hehe

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    Jun 2006
    girls would rather be right than being reasonable

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    syota sa chat/friendster? pang biglang-liko lang yan, di dapat yan seryosohan
    hahaha yup pang SEB... pde rin FUBU.

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    Dec 2005
    i confront mo na sya. so what kung mag-away kayo, at least may resolution, di ba? besides, make-up *** is da might even get the third input, like M54 suggested.

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    Feb 2005
    napaka double standard naman ng ibang replies dito. Tandaan, mas madami pa ren ratio ng guys over girls na manloloko kesa sa girls kaya ingat sa comments. Mas masakit ba talaga pag babae ang nanloloko? nde kaya ng ego?

    I say makiramdam ka muna. Right now, wala mangyayare sa mga pag assume mo of things because if you confront her now she could tell you the truth or lie either way and still you won't believe her.

    Are you really serious with this girl? Kase kung nde, (boys are boys, if you know what i mean) then stressing over this now is a waste of energy.

    Based from your post; (1)She cannot be trusted. (2)She's a user. (since she asks total strangers for help on school projects). (3) She's still going out with her ex.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer View Post
    dami pa iba dyan bro, let her explain and if hindi ok sayo or she's not over her ex, say goodbye.

    i've been through lotsa breakups and at first mahihirapan ka, thinking she's the one for you but after a week or two you'll realize andami pang available dyan. believe me.

    Tama po,- not the end of the world.

    Actually, your opening a door towards another dimension.....


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    Oct 2004
    Would you like to hire a stalker?????

    Edit just screw her brains out and go.....

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    Oct 2006
    hi.. i somehow can relate to your story.. my husband and i met in mirc.. but i was not a chatter.. i was actually looking for a supplier for a dried mango then.. but anyway, during that time i was not totally have moved on yet fom my ex.. kasi ba naman 6 yrs of marriage (have it annulled already).. wala akong naging bf kundi sya and we have known each other for 13 yrs (the ex one).. but my current husband now was so patient with me.. there were times before that he really saw me crying pag nalalaman ko na may gf na yung ex ko na bago.. and if he would call i would immediately answer.. masasabi mo nga na sobrang tanga o sabra lang ako mahal ng asawa ko ngayon..

    but i love my husband now.. and i am honest to him ever since.. kung ano man napag uusapin namin ng asawa ko dati sinasabi ko sa kanya.. we still talk kasi may anak kami..

    Pero alam mo time heals.. i was very honest to him that it is not easy for me to move on.. and he waited patiently.. now, things are different.. i am emotionally more stable than before.. i dont entertain his calls anymore.. never go online just to talk to him in YM.. i know i have been unfair but i have been transparent and honest.. And i may say that our relationship with my current husband is okay.. and i feel lucky that he has been so patient with me eversince..

    you are the one who can decide.. if you think she is hiding things from you.. i think you better think 2x.. confronting is not breaking up.. if she did do that.. i think she is doing something fishy kasi sya pa itong may ganang magalit.. compromise and good talk might resolve something..

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should i confront her or not? need some advice