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    Jun 2010
    I got my carnival repaired in Fronte as well last Friday and got it this Monday. Same problem weak/no reverse gear. They also charged me the same price as what you mentioned below. They just found other worn out parts on the engine support which is around 6k total. Nawala nga yung vibration sa engine ko at pati noise sa loob.
    As per your adviced they also change the oil seal.

    So far my carnival is running fine. It's just that upon endorsement (~closing time ng Fronte) yung manibela ko is 180deg offset. Sabi nila makukuha na daw sa wheel alignment yun. I'm schedule to have it align this Friday.

    way22 and utakabo
    Thanks for your helpful information...

    Quote Originally Posted by way22 View Post
    Hi, just want share what happened to my AT. I feel that my reverse was getting weak already 2 weeks ago but as I needed the car so I kept using it. But last week the reverse was completely lost also I still kept using it for 3 days but this time with cautions. I remember someone was posting that Fronte have a repair sop for the automatic transmission. So I bring the car there last monday. Initial estimate was around 30K+ depends on what was the defect. But when I got it on wednesday, the total bill was 17.5K (10K for the labor, 1.7k for the ATF, 720 for an engine support and the rest is for the parts, brake band, bushing, gasket and others). Luckily, not many defective parts. But they have done a good job. Only thing is the labor is expensive.

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    Mar 2010
    what is the use of EC-AT button ?

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    Oct 2003
    Gandang Hapon po mga tsikoters.

    Planning to get a Kia Carnival 2001 Model naglalaro kasi mga prizes from 260 to 350k ano ba difference ng mga models? like LS? meron akong nakikitang ibang Carnival na naka captain seat yung gitna pero may upuan pa sa gitna nung dalawang captain seat. no idea kung foldable ba yun or ano

    Ano ba dapat kong e-check? ano usually nasisira sa Carnival?

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    Jul 2010

    Newbie here, got my 2nd hand used Kia Carnival LS 2001 recently... Okay naman siya in terms sa mechanical and electrical..... May problema lang ako tag-ulan na kasi pansin ko pag umulan nagbabasa yung flooring ko sa driver side near sa mga fuse niya and sometimes nanggagaling ung tubig sa ilalim ng dashboard malapit sa pedal(pag-umulan lang).... then meron din sa likod banda left-side mejo ibabaw ng wheelbox. pansin ko sir both malinis ung tubig... inalyze ko yung problem surely galing siya sa upper area ng sasakyan and not from the underchassis... pero wala naman mantsya or watermarks sa ceiling niya... but I haven't remove the ceilings and sidings..

    baka po may naka experience na ganitong problema, pa help naman po, kung paano niyo po napa-ayos or kung saang talyer/shop nagpagawa... I really need to solve this problem before it's too late.......


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    May 2008
    Hi, I need some recommendation from those who had experience injextion pump problem. My ride is a Carnival Park 2.9 TCI model 01. Recently I have a leak in the injection pump which I brought the car to Kia Pasig. They told me that injection pump need to be repair and calibrated. After 2 weeks, I got the car back but immediately I feel some difference in the performance of the engine. The sound is louder (I think coming from injection pump), power is not as good as before, acceleration is very poor and more smoke than before. After 2 days, I bring the car back and complaint about the pooe performance. I left the car again for another 2 weeks which I got it 3 days ago. Although the acceleration and power had improved (Still not to my satifaction as before). But the sound is still loud and a lot of smoke. I think they had done a bad calibration job. I want to ask your expert opinions where can I bring the car to a good calibration shop for re-calibrate. the shop that know how to dismantle the pump from the car and can calibrate properly. Hope to received some suggestion from the experts. Thank you.

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    Nov 2004
    has anyone experienced yung biglang tumitigas yung 'clutch' (matigas na apakan clutch after sometime of driving)?
    pattern is after 20-30min of driving, titigas sya, I noticed this for a couple times na.
    I have a 01 MT Carnival Diesel.

    I've brought it to my suking mechanic in Goodgear a couple of weeks ago, he replaced the clutch master pero after talaga gamitin yun car for sometime eh mahihirapan na ipress yun clutch.

    Will bring it back to mechanic, pero hopefully baka may idea kayo.


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    Jul 2010
    guys help naman po nababaliw na ko sa kia carnival ko.. unang problem
    1. ang hina humatak
    2. mausok
    3. pag nag aaccelerate meron parang wheezing sound
    4. pag sobrang tagal ng byahe mga 4 hours na byahe ung aircon humihina

    ung tungkol sa mahinang humatak atska mausok sabi sa goodgear turbo lang daw pero nung dinala ko sa kia sabi buo naman daw ung turbo wala lang daw sa timing

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    Jul 2010
    nga pla dati nag overheat din sia mga 110 ung takbo paakyat ng tagaytay... bumalik ung tubig papunta reserba

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    Sep 2004
    if bumabalik sa reserba yung coolant, your radiator cap is busted. since mura lang naman yan palitan mo na and observe kung ganun parin. your rad cap already cant maintain the pressure in your cooling system.

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by way22 View Post
    Hi, I need some recommendation from those who had experience injextion pump problem.
    you got pm, way22.

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