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    jm: philips 85122+, 50w

    SG:yep d2s yun. kung budget you can go muna with aftermarket d2s 4300k and 35w ballasts. I've got one the best quality bulb and ballasts in the market tapos eventually pag meron ng budget, you can go for Philips or the Osram CBIs tapos 50w! sweet

    harangody: meron naman cutoff kahit reflector bowl lang pero hindi kasing sharp ng projectors, pag nilagyan mo ng hid bulbs then it's worst. It seems you are starting off with this hid thing. Do it right the first time bro, imo lang para hindi sayang pera. Pag wala pa budget ipon muna para you can have the 'right' first setup.

    the new a3.0 projectors on 2010 Ford Everest

    with the new shrouds, F2

    output shots to follow, stocks available after Oct. 13. PM for pricing
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    Sir Garyq, you got PM! :D

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    dale: sent a PM also

    also had the opportunity to compare the output of my retrofit with a bolt on kit.

    the output on the left side is my retrofit and the on the right side is the bolt on kit. you can see the huge difference in intensity and the retrofit output is bleeding into the side of the bolt on kit output so in a way it is increasing the intensity of the output on the right side. This intensity on the wall will translate into actual light you will see on the road. The kit projector was the biggest in diameter and even bigger that the oem projector on the left side. This goes to show that bigger is not always better. The headlight with the bolt on kit was fogging considerably on the sides as silicon was used to re-seal the HL.

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    Thanks for the reply sir Gary.

    Question lang, naka projector with HID pala low beam ng dad ko, kaso yung high beam reflector lang, so yellowish na halogen nakalagay. Ano po okay na ilagay sa high beam na kakulay ng HID para okay naman tingnan? Philips Xtreme?

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    sir anu po to mas maganda kesa sa fxr na nababasa namin sa the retrofit source po? tnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue 03 View Post
    sir anu po to mas maganda kesa sa fxr na nababasa namin sa the retrofit source po? tnx
    baka RX350 ?

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    haran: you cannot match the intensity of the hid bulb so yung color hindi rin mag match. kung gusto mo puti ng konti then go with Philips XP or Osram NB.

    blue: abangan na lang. am going to install it next week. better cutoff and spread mas consistent throughout the width.

    jun: ok naman rx350 but very pricey.

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    parang negosyo naman tong thread na to, although it brings to all "retrofitted HID"

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    Have you read all the pages? you can find many technical discussions here and some of the other new threads that just opened started out of queries posted here. Retrofit is a custom job and people need to see na possible pala yun sa oto nila before they can make the next step.

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    Pls PM me the price of this hid projector retrofits for Nissan Navara. Thanks.

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