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    Jan 2007
    mukhang okay yang a3 projectors

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    May 2010
    ganda talaga ng gawa ni sir gary...hayzzz....ipon ipon pa....sarap ibyahe ng la union baguio or laoag kapag ganyan ang hl...

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    Aug 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Starex_Gold View Post
    Yung bulbs sa Projector HID ng Sonata D2R ata.
    Sure ka dyan Ken? According sa Sonata forums sa US H7 sa kanila.

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    walang oem hid bulb na H7. Kung OEM yung Sonata na HID, then D2S yun kasi D2R is for headlights na HID pero non-projector, same ng bulbs ng Forester, at Civic 2.0.

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    For what car ba bro? Kung gusto mo ng maputi then 5000k is ok but once you up sa 6000k, you lose around 25% na nung actual light you see sa road. 5000k is puti na. Depends kasi yan sa budget, results you expect, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by jhnkvn View Post
    Maybe it's time for replacing Ken? Samahan kita if ever sa shop ni Gary :naughty2:

    For whatever reason there is, I'm still leaning on to just getting a Philips Xtreme Vision H7 55W to replace the DRL and Hi-Beam, H8 for the fogs, and maybe replace the 4300K HID with 6000K. I just feel it's still too yellowish. That is, unless Gary can successfully sales-talk me

    Nga pala Ken, know what type of bulbs the HID of the Sonata are?

    Re-edit (2nd time): Never mind, H7 din pala..

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    Aug 2010

    The car's a Sonata. I plan to do mine first before I do the family CRV for some upgrades.

    I'm a member of the US-based Global Hyundai forum where I mostly get information for my Sonata (since information locally is hard-to-get. Heck, pati mga ibang CASA technicians mali mali eh) and the info I got from them is that the DRL and high-beam is H7 55W, the headlight HID is also H7 55W (? this is where I'm unsure at) while the fogs is H8.

    Most members there change their stock HIDs to XenonSupply's HID. XenonSupply since they're a sponsor for the forum (members like us also get 15% off on purchases). And from their website: Hyundai Sonata HID Xenon Low Beam Package Deal XenonSupply | The Automotive Lighting Source, modified Philips H7 daw gamit nila. What they sell seems to be HID vehicle-specific conversion kits. So far, wala naman problems with clean cutoff for the other members.

    Some more interesting reads:
    Just Installed Hid Kit On My 2011 Sonata! - Hyundai Forums : Hyundai Forum
    Bulb Comparison: Original, HIDEXTRA, XENONSUPPLY Pics. (56k warning! LMAO) - Hyundai Forums : Hyundai Forum (Recommended read! comparo between HID original OEM, HIDExtra, and Xenonsupply)

    For what it's worth, I'm aiming for this look: .

    It's absolutely gorgeous with the custom LED DRL (although I like a fiber-optic LED strip instead for the "curve" on the headlights itself) I'm annoyed with the stock halogen DRL kasi.. doesn't look nice when contrasted to the stock HID low beam and as for the fog lights, if it's ON, I get the feeling that I should have changed the OEM HID to halogen para uniform look.. so ayun lagi naka-off (which is a bit of a shame). As my theme is blue (interior), white, black I'm aiming on changing everything to emit a whitish-bluish color for the exterior lighting (this also include interior dome lights, license plate lights, etc.)

    I'm aiming for 6000K as I find the OEM 4300K too halogen-ish for my taste. Going 8000K would mean I'd be dead blind in a middle of a shower so 6000K would be a good compromise. Less output versus 4300K, true, but it's not like I'm going hills and mountains.. 100% city driving naman. As for 5000K, seems feasible, but I might have a hard time matching finding a 5000K bulb when I decide to upgrade in the future so I'm choosing with the common 4300K, 6000K, and 8000K.

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    Apr 2010
    yes, 5000k bulb is hard to find. i put 55w on a 4300k. it turn yellowish. i dont like eh. sanay na ako sa puti and always go with 55 watts ballast, I never use a 35w. its better to uped a little bit to 5000k kung meron man para di mag yellowish. 6000k ayos lang if wala talaga choice.

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    Jul 2007
    if you can spend $200 for a pair of bulbs, get the CBI.

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    Apr 2010
    whoah is that the osrams? presyo palang butas na budget ko hehe

    OT: 100W hid lol sigurado bulag lahat. offroad madness na ito

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    Kung H7 yung sonata then halogen yun coz walang OEM na H7 na hid bulbs, afaik. But I maybe wrong Ohhh how we Filipinos love to personalize our car, hehehe. Get a good balance between form and function. Yung headlight nung Sonata na naka post I think is aftermarket but from Korea rin yan. I can retrofit 6000k bulbs and 6000k leds into your headlight para matched but fyi, 30% na kaagad wala sa output tapos 6000k din yung fogs if you want pero maganda projector ka rin sa fogs para hindi masira output nung headlight. Do not go beyond 50w, you will blind other motorists sa mga roads na meron up and down. CBI's are ok but twice the price of 85122+ for whiter output, pass muna ako, hehe.

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