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    a3 setup with Philips 85122+ and 50w ballasts

    There is a hi-power t10 led at the back of the shroud kaya meron parang corona effect.

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    Apr 2010
    let get back ng konti sa topic. tried searching for my question but seems wala pa atang naka sagot.. but mas maganda to ask it where the latest thread is located.

    since upgrade to HIDs... and these lights are as rated longer lasting than the normal halogen bulbs... im assuming na turning the HID on and off will not make itself a shorter lifespan?

    or is it advisable to let it "on" unless you're already at the end of your travel?

    minsan diba we turn off our headlights when we are in a stoplight/loading/unloading.. and other things that sometimes we turn off our headlights for some short minutes..


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    Dec 2009

    hid lamp requires high voltage to start up and cause the initial strike which will excite the gasses and produce light.

    when an hid lamp is turned off, it will again need high voltage for another strike to produce the arc.

    As arc after arc is initially striked, the tungsten at the end will become shorter.

    as the tungsten tip becomes shorter, HIGHER voltage is required to start the arc
    and then it will be a cycle until it the bulb will not start anymore

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    I use my setup for the last 2 years as if I am on halogen. Yes pag bumper to bumper traffic dito sa Marcos I turn it off, very rare that I flash coz I think that's not courteous to other motorists. No problem at all so I think that's the least of your concern pag dating sa HID system, but of course kailangan quality rin in the first place yung hid system.

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    May 2007
    Sir Gary, I browsed your website and would like to ask the following questions.

    1. Ano po ba difference ng A3.0 projectors which you are currently using against those previous projectors you used to install? Sabi niyo po non-invasive ang installation and will not damage the stock reflector bowl. So does it mean pwede mag revert back to stock headlamps if nagka-problema ang HID system?

    2. I have read in other websites that HID projectors should be installed in HID compatilble headlamps and not on stock halogen headlamps. Wala po ba possibility na meron pa rin ma-produce na glare if we retrofit HID projectors on stock halogen headlamps dahil sa reflective bowl ng stock headlamps? Hindi ko rin po kasi alam kung ano difference ng HID projector compatible na headlamps vs the stock headlamps.

    Thanks and hope you can enlighten us.

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    to answer your questions:
    1. the design of the bowl and optics of the A3 is like the design of good performing OEM projectors like the FXR and TL kaya the performance is comparable. I still have those oem projectors in my line up by the way. yes pwede mag-revert back to stock halogen and you will only do this if you want to transfer it to another vehicle. I will guarantee that you will not revert back to stock halogen dahil meron problema yung hid syst that I installed.

    2. That is correct. When you do a retrofit, the halogen reflector bowl just holds the projector and wala nang ibang other function yun pag dating sa lighting output so walang glare. The projection nung light will be handled by the projector bowl and the glass optics. Meron some hl na will produce a little glare from the bezel pero mahina lang and depends on the HL, I will suggest to smoke it. Yung City sa taas is a good example of that. We smoked the bezel kasi mahaba yung part sa baba na pwede tamaan ng ilaw at pasok ng konti yung projector. Iba yung design nung reflector bowl nung hid headlamps like the Civic 2.0 and the Forester. If you will examine the hid bulb vis-a-vis a halogen bulb, first thing you will notice the electrode is 90deg off and orientation. Iba ang bato nang ilaw so iba ang design nung reflector bowl na nag-re-reflect nung ilaw.

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    May 2007
    Thanks for enlightening us Sir Gary.

    1. So installing A3 projectors is a win-win situation dahil you get comparable ouput from OEM projectors while preserving the original state of stock headlamps during retrofitting.

    2. If smoked stock headlamps will totally eliminate glare, can you provide this service in the retrofitting package, if requested by customer, without additional costs?

    3. Can the HID bulb produce 3200 lumens regardless of ballast wattage rating (35W or 50W)? If so, then what is the advantage of 50W ballast over the 35W ballast? Kasi if we can attain 3200 lumens using 35W ballast then parang mas practical gumamit ng 35W ballast to prolong the usability ng car battery.

    I am beginning to appreciate the efficiency of your retrofitting work. Thanks

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    Aug 2010
    I just found out today how annoying replacing the lights of the Sonata can be

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    jhnkvn: actually if we had the d1S bulbs, madali lang naman yan. Next time ako magpapalit Let me know if you still want the D1S na 6000k.


    1. yes kaya game changer for me since I've worked with many top performing projectors already and the a3 is a very good projector na semi-bolt on.

    2. Yes I do offer that. If you will look at the City above, we smoked that kaya ganun effect. Pero meron cost yan, mura lang naman

    3. Philips 85122+ will produce around 3200 lumens at 35w, at 50 watts this comes up to almost 5000k per bulb. Of course meron affect sa lifetime nung bulbs, been using mine for 2 years na and ok pa rin. Many long time users say 10-15% reduction in service lifetime. For me the extra 1500 or so lumens is worth it. Nothing to do with the battery. The stock wattage is 35w lang and 50w yung isa. Halogen is 55 watts already and 65 watts at HI sa stock. Wala pang 10Acurrent draw sa initial start up ang ballasts so it really wont affect your battery in a negative way. Parang halogen lang.

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    5,000 lumens kung 50 watts? Wow

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