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    Nov 2011
    sir gary, how much aabutin magpa retrofit ng accent?

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    Aug 2010
    Sir Gary schedule na natin yung GE ko sa 1st week ng December. Papa-retrofit ko yung Headlamps/Foglamps/Third brake light ko. Sure na yun pero may mga follow up questions lang ako so I know what to expect.

    1. Kasya ba yung Gatling 2.0 na shroud sa Headlamp ng GE?
    2. I'm not really familiar with A3.0 but is it better than the OEM projectors that you install?
    3. If A3.0 is better and Gatling 2.0 fits my GE, will they work together?
    4. With Gatling 2.0 installed, will you be able to put a ring insert to it too just like the Apollo shroud?
    5. About the foglamps, I'm still not sure how you're gonna retrofit it. I know you need to take out the glass cover to do the installation but is it something that you'll put back once mini-projectors are in place? I've seen how you did this on your own GE, would mine look similar even if my GE is 1.5?
    6. Lastly, yung sa third brake lamp. Pag naka-on ba yung headlamps, naka-dim ba yung LED ng third brake lamp or totally off/then mag o-on lang pag nag-brake? Yung LED tails ko kasi naka dim pag naka-on yung headlamps then mag fu-full on lang sya when i step on the brake pedal.

    Hehe sorry if madami questions

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    ok. I need a specific date sa December.
    1. Kung A3 gagamitin hindi kasya. Kung S22 or FXR pwede pero mas better fit yung A3
    2. It is at par with other and even better than other oem projectors. You can see the pix I posted here, yung white na GE.
    3. A3 and Gatling 2.0 wont fit. Apollo is the best fit with ring insert or angel eyes
    4. Walang ring insert both Gatling
    5. Yup it will look similar sa GE ko. We will use your brackets to mount the projectors then make custom bezel for the cover.
    6. It will function exactly as the third brake light na naka install now. Will only turn ON pag nag brake ka. It will be much more intense than your tail lights

    ok lang with questions.

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    Aug 2010
    Ok sir sa DEC 3 Saturday.

    A few more follow up questions.

    1. Gatling gun kasi talaga trip ko. Which is much better: FXR or S22?
    2. How much difference does A3.0 have over FXR/S22?
    3. I am not really familiar with how wattage affects light intensity. Is a 55-w ballast better than 50w? If the 55w is better, do you have that available and would you recommend installing it in my headlamps and foglamps?
    4. I'd also like to have my headlamps smoked, how much would all these cost me? (If you don't want to disclose the price here you can PM me instead)

    Thanks again.

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    puno na dec3. dec10 or 17 pwede.

    1. Gatling tayo tapos, FXR or S22. pag city drive S22, more intense sa gitna. FXR more intense sa ends nung output. either projector you wont make a mistake
    2. Pareho lang. Gatling 1.0 kasya sa A3.0 and sa FXR/S22
    3. 50w yung ballasts ko, more than enough yun. Fogs, 35w lang, semi sealed yung projector, di pwede 50w dun
    4. ok pwede, will pm you.

    confirm agad the day coz marami meron gusto saturday. mga weekdays open pa

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    Aug 2010
    Dec 2 nalang sir. If hindi pwede Dec 10.

    Sir may pic ka ba ng Gatling 1.0? Compare ko lang sana sa Gatling 2.0.

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    Aug 2010
    Ang wide and ang layo pala ng output ng A3.0 ngayon ko lang nakita after backreading. Eto nalang siguro sir Gary instead of FXR. Pero gusto ko pa rin sana makita difference ng Gatling 1.0 sa 2.0 kasi to talaga gusto kong shroud eh hehe.

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    Mar 2005
    You won't go wrong with the A3 sir. Yan din nakakabit sa GE ko and very satisfied ako. Ganda ng intensity and width nung lights

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    A3 oem setup on Jazz/Fit 2011

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    Aug 2010
    Ganda sa 2012 na headlamps parang mata talaga hehe.

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