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    Apr 2007
    Bro Gary.. Pa PM naman kung magkano yung A3.0

    Tsaka confirm ko na rin kung same parin bigay mo sa akin para dun sa OEM stage 3

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    Mar 2005
    Sana wala na ulan next week pag punta ko kela sir gary.

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    Aug 2010
    Gary, dumating na ba mga requested items ko?

    Ken, mukhang pupunta ka rin pala :naughty2:

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    Jan 2010
    See you tomorrow sir Gary...
    Excited na ko sa A3.0 for my Innova

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    Louie: excited to do your Innova

    jhnkvn: yung led bulbs sa wed pa dating next week. the 6000k are here with me na

    jmpet: wed tyo bro

    Thanks guys for your patience

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    Apr 2010
    sir yun sakin kelan tayo sched. sana mas earlier na..

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    kicks: dating nung parts mo wed or thurs. Friday pwede na tyo. special order naman kasi yung syo

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    Sep 2008
    Gary, looks like you have a very heavy schedule in your hands . . . hope you do not forget to post pics after, thanks

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    Dec 2009
    Paquote sir for honda city 2011

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    Toyota Innova 2010-2011

    This vehicle had an existing G5 projector with oem Philips 85122+ and 50w ballasts. This projector is a semi sealed projector and the higher wattage has affected the chrome finish of the projector already. Will post pix of this in a few days. Also I was surprised at the output of this projector comparing it with other bolt on projectors. The output is spotty and the light spread throughout the output is not consistent. Some parts of the spread are dim compared to the other sections and the owner confirmed this. There are a couple of projectors that are better choices as an entry level setup vs. the G5. Anyways the new setup is the new A3.0 projector and the Philips bulb were used and the existing 50w ballasts. The existing G5 was transferred to the fog section.

    customer had an existing blue led strip installed under the headlights

    the fog retrofit

    output fogs


    headlights + fogs

    I would like to thank Louie for trusting me with his Innova. Learned alot from this setup. The chrome reflector bowl was also affected by the hi wattage that was initially installed in this HL.
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