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    Jan 2009
    2009 vios manual. may na pansin ba kayo kung nag shift ng transmission. pagbitaw ng accelerator pedal eh may delay. nagkakaroon ng high rev. mga ilan seconds bago bumaba. kaya habang nakaapak ako sa clutch mag antay muna ako ng few seconds bago inaapakan ang accelerator. Pero nakasanayan an natin na quick response ang pakbitaw dapat bumaba agad ang rev. feeling ko mas matakaw kumain ng fuel kung ganito. defective ba ito?

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    Feb 2010
    To all Toyota lover, lastyear is my first toyota, an Altis i bougth at toyota bel air makati. At 1st gear, the engine pulsate, the transmission whine, and diminishes at 2nd and 3rd. Even at steady press on accelarator engine sometimes rev up to 4,000. luckyly i got a M/T.Sometime it suddenly choke down. The dealer told me GANYAN TALAGA YAN, WALA YAN SIRA . I disagree even refusing to get it from repair for a month. I wrote an Email to toyota phil. No reply. Its my last toyota.

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    Sep 2003

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    Mar 2008
    Apple co-founder states "software" problem with his Prius

    So kung "software" pwede kaya siyang related sa Drive-by-wire system ang problem? And not the floormat or the pedal's sticky friction mechanism issue as Toyota claim? Is the Vios DBW na as well as the other local Toyotas?

    Makes me think twice of flagging a Toyota taxi (Vios/Avanza). Except ang old trusty taxi models (big body?).

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    Nov 2009
    how about yaris 2009 kasama rin ba sa recall? i called toyota ala silang straight answer....

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    May 2006
    Out of proportion na ito..Pero toyota will recover..Hapon yan e

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by unako View Post
    how about yaris 2009 kasama rin ba sa recall? i called toyota ala silang straight answer....
    Sa US the Yaris was not included on the re-call list...

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    Jun 2009
    There are positive points to gain here for future Toyota buyers:

    1st... Toyota improves on quality of their future car line ups.

    2nd... Their prices will probably drop down fast like an anvil.

    3rd... Improved customer support.

    Now it is nice that they are recalling cars outside the Philippines, but I feel disheartened that Toyota Philippines has turned mute and deaf.

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    Jul 2009
    Asa pa na prices will drop. In the US probably... but here.. baka nga tumaas pa. What toyota will do is to package some cosmetic changes maybe some tech adjustments and voila' another 100k added on to the existing price tag. Unless consumers take a stand and stop buying Toyota cars for the meantime, they really won't give a damn.

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    Sep 2009
    Its actually quite scary since I keep seeing the "Recalled" US model Toyotas here on our roads, specifically the US version Camry, Lexus ES 350 and Toyota Highlander almost all of them have diplomatic plates...

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Toyota Recall - Accelerator Pedal may get stuck [merged]