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    Sep 2003
    sakto.. Chery QQ na lang tayo..

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by cktlcmd View Post
    Yeah yeah yeah... but why buy something that can increase your chance of getting into an accident?

    I too know how to use the clutch and brake, but if given a chance to purchase a different brand with no pedal anomalies, then I would prefer to buy that instead.
    Well, If nauna ang balita sa recall kahit di affected ang Pilipinas sa plano palang na bibili ako ng toyota product, I opt to find another brand.
    eh nandito na ang car ko bago pa nagrecall,
    The car I bought is different designed, so I'm not affected with this sensationalize news.
    Unless otherwise I bought a vios, pero as said previously na Denso ang nakabit na acce pedal.
    I did check my bro 09Vios last night, indeed malalim talaga ang pedal. halos lubog na eto sa floormat.
    Maraming beses na stuck up ang pedal nya dahil sa disaligned floormat(additional floormat, not the carpet)
    But no big deal for him,

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by revoGSX View Post
    sakto.. Chery QQ na lang tayo..
    maliit...klang kung wala ka pang pamilya.
    Pwede pa siguro ang Tiggo.

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    May 2006
    it wasn't a coincidence toyota cars look dull lately while suffering from technical faults- you have a couple of swell heads running the company.
    -who cares about the little guy, anyway?

    hopefully they return to the same foundation "genchi genbutsu" (go and take a look) and not just fix the problem but adhere to 'kaizen" (improvement) and become much better in form and function. us$2 billion+ should take care of it.

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    May 2006
    Is it possible ba na yung supplier ng toyota ng defective accelerators nila, also supplies to other car manufacturers?

    If yes then bakit hindi pa sila lumalabas

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    Feb 2008
    Its possible! Kaya nga some Ford and GM models are also recalled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver1013 View Post
    Is it possible ba na yung supplier ng toyota ng defective accelerators nila, also supplies to other car manufacturers?

    If yes then bakit hindi pa sila lumalabas
    They've issued some minor ones, but note... CTS builds that specific pedal to Toyota's specific design parameters. It's not like MAF sensors where one supplier uses the same parts for different manufacturers (with merely different calibration), the CTS Toyota pedal is specifically made to Toyota's design parameters and dimensions, and is different from the products they have in other manufacturers' cars.

    Which is why Toyota is also issuing a pre-emptive recall in other markets of Denso equipped units to see if there can be a similar failure with the Denso... though the mechanism of the Denso is much different, and it probably won't fail in the same way... if it fails at all.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2006
    So if thats the case, its a design flaw?

    or can toyota use the argument that theres no fault in the design but the workmanship of the supplier.

    OT lang: Ginamit kasi sa akin yung argument na yan re the flexi pipe issue ng crosswind half a decade ago nung nag aalboroto ako sa casa. Tsinismis kasi sa akin nung service advisor yung issue nila. Sabi daw kasi ng local supplier ng exhaust pipe ng isuzu, design daw ang problema, sabi daw ng Isuzu Japan workmanship daw ang proplema Ayun nagtuturuan.

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    Jan 2009
    I think there were some considerations that were not included during the design phase.Also, nowadays, there are no actual tests being done, only simulations on the computer. If you want to be safe, do not buy a car which was recently introduced with major modifications. Wait for a year before buying the car, because on the first year, the defects will crop up. At the second year, those defects will be addressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xda2jojo View Post
    Did you try to complain or ask them the main cause of accident sir?
    of course we complained and raised hell but sasalubungin ka pa naman ng blanko na tingin. as for the cause, my brother in law was with us and told them what happened pero deadma pa rin. i don't actually expect toyota to make any findings against their own interest. perhaps when we get the new vehicle then we can have an independent mechanic check it out -- if they will allow us to

Toyota Recall - Accelerator Pedal may get stuck [merged]