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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvDetailing
    ^^ Jerry Baha and Antony Taberna this guy (forgot his name) who doesn't want the Da Vinci Code to be shown and is filing a case against the MTRCB.
    I guess you're referring to Aldo Abad Felomeno of the Philippine Alliance Against ****ography. It's a shame how these people make a mockery of the judicial system to "safeguard" church teachings. Most people I know of who have read the Da Vinci Code still consider it to be a work of fiction. Kung matibay talaga ang paniniwala mo, hindi ka magpapadala sa isang libro o pelikula na kathang isip lang ang laman.

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    May 2005
    he sounded SOOOO STUPID knina sa radio!!!

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    Apr 2004
    people will always try to resist what they can't understand.

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    Dec 2005
    Heto pa.

    Top Arroyo aide wants ‘Da Vinci Code’ banned in RP

    CATHOLICS and other groups calling for a ban in local theaters of the Hollywood film "The Da Vinci Code" found an ally in Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita .
    "I think we should do everything not to allow it to be shown," Ermita told reporters in a news briefing Wednesday.

    Expressing his personal view on the movie, Ermita said the Philippine board of censors "should be able to take a look at their guidelines on whether such a movie with such a storyline should be allowed to be shown in the Philippines."


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    Jan 2005
    Remember when some idiots wanted to ban Schindler's List because of nudity in some scenes? Bakit dito sa atin maraming pakialamerong wala namang alam? Fiction nga ang Da Vinci Code, it's just for entertainment. Pati Brokeback Mountain masama rin daw. What morons.

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    Oct 2002
    yang mga pinaggagawa ng mga taong yan only attracts more attention to the film. yung mga hindi nakakaalam sa book na yan, malamang hindi naman papanoorin yung movie. now that they make such a big fuss about it, nagiging curious lang ang mga tao why some people want to ban the film here.

    parang nung time ng schindler's list, hindi naman alam ng mga ordinary movie goers na meron nude scenes, nung naban, nalaman tuloy ng lahat na meron nude scenes. if i remembered it right, si ramos pa yata ang nagpalift ng ban.

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    Dec 2005
    Problema ipapalabas nga, tapos what if kung i-cut nila nang i-cut yung mga scenes that they are allegedly citing as "blasphemous"? Nakow, e di kalahati na lang ang mapapanood natin

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    Mar 2005
    actually what they're doing is good coz that'll make the film more controversial, hence, will invite a lot of curiosity on the film. so when shown, expect a lot of moviegoers, and baka bigger pa than Spiderman ang gross earnings on opening day.

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by lightning099
    Problema ipapalabas nga, tapos what if kung i-cut nila nang i-cut yung mga scenes that they are allegedly citing as "blasphemous"? Nakow, e di kalahati na lang ang mapapanood natin
    Noooooo! :D

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    Jan 2006
    maybe they haven't read the book yet. It is clearly stated before the first chapter kung ano yung mga facts. Kung sino yung religious leaders, sila naman yung di makaintindi sa simpleng bagay.

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