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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by yebo

    you did not get my point because you did not read the whole post, you just focused on the 1st 2 pharagraphs. did you read the part that says "america has no permanent friends, only permanent interest..."? people tend not to understand what is written because people are selective in their understanding. if you take the complete post as a whole then you would have understood the meaning quite well.
    no, i read your whole post, and understood your meaning quite well. forgive me for not responding point by point - my fault for being lazy.

    i get that the whole point of your post was "americans have no permanent friends - only interests." this is true. but as i alluded to in my earlier posts, every single nation on this earth is the same way - it's human nature. the US, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, China, the UK, the Philippines - all these countries have changed friends and allegiances based on their interests through time...sometimes in a matter of a few years.

    every nation acts in its own interests - that's the definition of international politics. now let me ask you: is it in the Philippines' best interests to be seen as a friend of the US?

    by the way, you know as well as i do that Americans of today think and act very differently than 18th century Americans - which is why i am calling out the flaw in your argument (in the spirit of friendly discussion, of course) ;)

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    Oct 2002
    btw, i am not out to create bad blood with anyone here. i simply disagree vehemently with some of the things said here - and i believe we can all disagree as gentlemen.

    one thing i agree with both mbt and yebo is that i don't think this war is morally justified. i could still change my mind if WMD's are found, but at this point that doesn't seem likely.

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    Jul 2004
    If I were GMA. I would not fall on the threat. But instead Filipino Workers in Iraq must go home now and take a lot of precautions. Yang mga terrorist na yan mga duwag yan mga walang bayag, traydor kung tumira patalikod at mang gagamit ng mga inosenteng tao para lang mai angat nila ang kanilang mga tinatawag na walang kwentang grupo. yan lang naman ang kaya nilang gawin kundi manakot lang at pumatay ng taong walang kalaban laban.

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    Jan 1970
    the power of the prayer prevailed!

    im sooo happy!

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    Oct 2002
    don't jump for joy yet, de la Cruz has not yet been released, they just extended the deadline to july 20. as always, GMA jumped the gun again.

    and for those here who say that philippine reputation is at stake if the philippine contingent is widrawn, that the "timing" just is not right, i hope you can say that to Mr. de la Cruz's children. "pasensya na mga bata, kelangan pugutan ng ulo ang tatay nyo kasi mapapahiya tayo..." bullshit!


    as i said, i am not anti-american. i just want my country to develop its own foreign policy independent of the US. a foreign policy based on its own interests and its dealings with all countries, not on just one country (the US).

    point in fact is the policy on Iraq. the government disregarded the philippine's relations with its arab neighbors in favor of being part of the coalition of the willing. there are 3.5 million OFWs in the middle east. that should have been the priority, its own citizens. but instead the government has aligned itself with the interests of the US. is it not that a government's role is to serve its people first? what is the reward for aligning the country with a superpower whose only interests are its own?

    as for being friends with the US as being in the Philippine interest, the filipino people should come first. being part of the coalition whose existence was based on false excuses for waging war was not, imho, serving our people.

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    Jan 1970
    i watched the news, oo nga! wrong info!

    but at least, another chance for GMA to prove herself to Filipinos!

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    May 2004
    wow! interesting ang topic na to ah. Ang masasabi ko lang po ay para sa akin ang pagpapadala ng Pangulo ng mga Fil soldiers sa Iraq ay pagpapakitang tao, pagpapasikat or pag-sipsip nya kay Pres Bush na sa katunayan ay kaagapay tayo ng US kahit na sa war. Hindi naman natin gulo yan, e bakit kailangan nating makisali, hindi naman kakulangan ang di pagpunta roon ng mga sundalo natin. Kaya naman sa bandang huli ang mga mamamayan ang nananagot ng parusa buhat sa mga kalaban, tulad ng nangyaring paghostage sa kababayan natin na naging biktima na ang dahilan ay ang pakikialam natin sa gulo nila. Dapat pabalikin na ni Pres ang ating mga sundalo sa Iraq bago pa lumala ang sitwasyon ng sa gayon di masyadong maginit sa mga Filipino or Phil ang nasabing grupo. Marami sila at nagkalat sila sa buong mundo. Di lang buhay ng mga OFWs sa Middle East ang nanganganib kundi maging buhay ng mga Fil sa Phil. Magiging target na ng international terrorism ang Phil pag nagkaganon. Sa palagay ko'y mas marami sa ating mga Pilipino ang tutol sa ginawang pagjoin ng Pangulo at sa isang demokrationg bansa ang pinaiiral ay ang opinyon ng nakararami at di ng may kapangyarihan. Wag sana syang gumaya sa Prime minister ng UK na sa kabila ng pagtutol ng nakararami sa pagjoin sa war sa Iraq, desisyon pa rin nya ang nasunod sa dahilang nagpapasikat din sya ka Pres Bush. Ngayon, mismong mga tao sa UK ang galit sa kanya.

    Alalahanin muna sana ng pangulo ang kaligtasan ng mga tao bago pa ang benepisyo na makukuha nya buhat sa US.

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    Oct 2002
    m54 powered,

    nah, what bad blood hehehe... discussion is healthy


    ano ba yung conditions nung mga hostage-takers? they will release the hostage if the philippine contingent leaves iraq? i think that's what GMA should do eventually -- since the tour of duty of the contingent is ending soon and our people shouldn't be in that land anyway-- but i don't think the government should pay ransom or show the hostage-takers that their actions pay by withdrawing immediately.

    i don't mean to sound callous and am also concerned over de la Cruz's fate, but it is also true that de la Cruz and his family should have known the risks that de la Cruz would be facing by deciding to work in Iraq. although i know that that is no real comfort for the family at this time...

    and on the national level, GMA should have known the risks of associating herself (almost by instinct!)with Bush's immoral war.

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    Oct 2002
    di ba di naman sa iraq nagtatrabaho s de la cruz? sa Saudi sya di ba? don lang ang detination nung cargo na siya yung minalas na driver...

    kawawa naman....nagtatrabaho lang nang maayos yung tao eh nadamay sa isang bagay na wala naman syang kinalaman.....

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    Oct 2002
    putek misinformation pa tong si Gloria? holy sweet kamote, talk about monumental incompetence!!! what the heck was she thinking, making a mockery of a serious national tragedy?

    now her whole administration has a huuuuge PR nightmare in its hands.

    the funny thing is that the Filipino people has indirectly affirmed (or appeared to be, diregarding poll fraud) GMA's position on the iraq war by reelecting her...

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