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    Jan 1970
    muffer i disagree, that thinking is so unsympathetic to the families of our OFWs, trying putting yourself on their shoes!

    di lang naman kasi isang tao lang ang nakataya dito coz whatever GMA's action on this issue will be, e ibig sabihin ganun lang ang pagpapahalaga nya sa buhay ng kahit sino mang pilipino

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    Oct 2002
    it's not that easy to say whether the right thing to do is to give in to the terrorists' demands -- in the hope of saving the life of the hostage -- or to hang tough and avoid reinforcing the terrorists' behavior.

    it could be argued that clamoring for the release of de la Cruz at all costs is merely a knee-jerk reaction driven by intense emotion and impulse.

    on the other hand, it could also be argued that we should pull out immediately and save his life because, well, we shouldn't even be there, and also, we're scheduled to pull out anyway (among other reasons).

    however, giving the terrorists reason to believe that the government has given in to their threat would give them more reason to kidnap and behead more people... kinda like the situation of kidnapping for ransom.

    truly a very complex scenario...

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    Jan 2004
    ... and the media is taking advantage of the situation!

    hala, sige, batikos ng batikos!

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    Jun 2004
    Korek ka dyan CENTUM, wala namang mga silbi ang mga lintek na Partylist na yan ang hanap ng mga yan pagkakakitaan dahil pondo ng mga oposition na puro hanap ang kamalian ng gobyerno pero sila mismo walang naitutulong. perwisyo pa ang mga rally nila. Binabatikos nila ang Capitalista pero saan ba galing mga sweldo nila ngayon? diba sa mga kapitalista na nagbabayad ng taxes. letche sila. Binatikos nila mga kano, pero pag nagkagulo d2 sa US din magsisipagtakbo mga litek na yan! Si Erap galit sa kano, pero gusto magpagamot ng tuhod sa kano!

    Di lang si Angelo dela cruz ang biktima dami din sa ibang bansa na tumulong sa iraq, napugutan ng ulo. D2 nag Rally ba sila ng pinugutan ng ulo kapwa pilipino sa Mindanao?
    d2 kc sa tin puro kadramahan kaya di tayo umasenso

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    Oct 2003
    for once in our lives we should make a stand---now is the time to show america that there are certain situations that the interest of the nation/people is of far greater concern...di nalang laging sunod sunuran tayo sa lahat ng gawin nila...
    it is not a U.N. led war, it is a U.S. led war

    in the first place we shouldnt be fighting their war.gaya ng sinabi sa palabas na black hawk down when a US soldier was captured sa mogadishu
    " this is our war, you americans have no business here"---something like that

    yan ang napapala ng mga UZI at pakialamero butinga satin hilig kasi makisawsaw

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    Oct 2002
    breaking news from

    RP to pull out troops
    from Iraq 'swiftly'
    Posted: 7:03 AM (Manila Time) | Jul. 13, 2004
    Agence France-Presse

    DOHA -- The Philippines deputy foreign secretary Rafael Seguis said on Al-Jazeera television late Monday (Tuesday in Manila) that his country would pull its troops out of Iraq swiftly, a move called for by the kidnappers of a Filipino hostage being held there.

    "In response to the demand by the group Khaled ibn al-Walid (Islamic army in Iraq), the Philippine government... will pull its humanitarian forces out of Iraq swiftly, in the time it takes to carry out the necessary preparation for their return to the Philippines," Seguis told the Qatar-based Arabic television channel.

    He did not give an exact date for the withdrawal of the Philippine troops and soldiers who have been working in Iraq as part of the US-led coalition.

    Al-Jazira reported that the Filipino hostage, Angelo de la Cruz, had been granted a stay of execution until late Monday (early Tuesday in Manila) by his captors who have vowed to execute him unless Manila pulls its troops out of Iraq.

    Quoting a statement from the captors, the channel said the hostage had issued a final appeal.

    In the videotape, the 46-year-old father of eight issued a new "last appeal" to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to comply with his captors' demands and spare his life.

    Diplomatic sources in the Middle East said earlier the kidnappers granted de la Cruz a two-day stay of execution after the first deadline lapsed early Sunday.

    "The hostage has asked for another delay" for his appeal to Manila to be addressed.

    With this development, the abductors of Angelo de la Cruz promised to release the Filipino truck driver either on Tuesday or Wednesday, reports from Al Jazeera and CNN said early Tuesday.

    "We are responding to your request and are to withdraw our humanitarian contingent in Iraq as soon as possible," Seguis was quoted by Al Jazeera as saying.

    "In the name of the Filipino people and the name of humanity and the family of de la Cruz and his eight children, the government of the Philippines is pleading for his release," Seguis said in his appeal to the abductors.

    De la Cruz was reported to be still alive after the latest deadline given by his captors lapsed at 3 a.m. Tuesday. With

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    Jan 2004
    Hmm...puwede na akong mang-kidnap ng isang manggagawang Pilipino sa isang war-torn country and demand money. I wonder if GMA will give in to my demands.

    I also won't be afraid to go to Iraq even though the risk of being killed is very high, because our government will bail me out if I plead really nice anyway. I will not use my common sense, I will go to a war-torn country with a huge possibility of death, because the money is good and I can feed my family. And if I die soon I know my family will be in good hands because politicians in my home country who would like to see their names in the news will vow to support them.

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    Feb 2004
    mga pare, walang tulog na ang ating presidente, im sure shes doing her best to save dela cruz. lets pray for the best outcome ng negotation. peace tayo ;)

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    Oct 2002

    psywar lang yan, sana may papel dito si FVR, napatanggal nga nya si Erap, dapat ma-isahan nya tong mga arabo...

    carefully chosen words ang ginamit -- wil pull-out from Iraq as soon as _ _ _ _ are ready. Hindi " as soon as possible"

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    Oct 2003
    panp naman kaya kng tatay mo yon. malamang sabihin mo "tay, pasensya na ganyan talaga buhay may minamalas may sinuswerte kamusta mo nalang ako kay san pedro---anyway gagawin ka rin naman parang manok na gigilitan"

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