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    Oct 2002
    well..i'm very sorry if that what jolog1 meant. ;)

    fyi...di naman po gobyerno ang may control kung bakit di nila papayagan magtrabaho dun ang mga kristyano.....nag aapply po yang mga OFW na yan...

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    Feb 2004
    kawawa talga si dela cruz, in my opinion pupugutan talga sya ng ulo, hindi ko gusto na pupugutan sya but lets try to remember what happened to the 2 previous victims, yung kano na sundalo at yung korean citizen na lalaki. pero magdasal na lg tayo for him, thats the most powerful thing to do now.

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    Jun 2004
    Originally posted by baiskee
    ser jolog1, what's your point?
    Generally, muslims don't kill their fellow muslims. It's in the Koran. I don't think they'll get points from the muslim community if they videotape themselves decapitating a fellow muslim. Remember the US Marine they captured last week? They let him go yesterday and he was treated well. It's because he's a muslim.

    Again, with all these muslims down south looking for work, why not send them instead of catholics?

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    Dec 2003
    Sana mailigtas si Dela Cruz ayoko siya mapugutan at pagkatapos na mailigtas si Dela Cruz sana mahanap na ng U.S ang kuta ng mga yan...

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    Oct 2002
    this is all a product of American propaganda. now i don't mean this as flame bait, but let me explain why i think this is so.

    when Middle Eastern men threaten to behead a foreigner they deem to be hostile (in basic terms, allies of the agressor in this war), it is immediately construed as a barbarian act from a bunch of savage, uncivilized, heartless brutes. perhaps it is so, since beheading in itself is in no way humane, and i condemn murder.

    but let's look at the other end. the Middle Easterners execute a person with a blade and the whole world fulminates. yet, the USA looses missiles and weapons of more massive destruction on innocent civilians and innocent children, and hardly anyone raises a fuss. yet, the USA, and its allies, pat themselves on the back as the good cop of the world... pat themselves on the back for brutal, savage, barbaric killing in Iraq, a land that did not have any weapons of mass destruction at all -- a land that was invaded by a reckless aggressor. Manifest Destiny? perhaps Benevolent Assimilation? it's all bull, but it's conditioning minds everywhere to the Great American Dream, yes?

    beheading... cruise missiles and smart bombs and killer drones... they are really no different at all if one would only see through the Great Caucasian God myth. killing is killing, no bones about it. beheading a non-military worker... killing a non-military child walking on the street, blithely labeling it as collateral damage... well, an eye for an eye. and i dare say that the Iraqis who threaten to behead have the more noble cause (the defense of their homeland) than Bush, who has carried the Big Stick much too far.

    let's call a spade a spade, and give judgment where judgment is due.

    (i'm not at all a mindless anti-American zealot okay hehehe... i just don't agree one bit with Bush's arrogance in this latest iraq war!)

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    Jan 1970
    i agree with mbt. pero, naawa talaga ako dun sa pinoy.

    actually, sabi ng isang columnist, nakikiramdam din daw si GMA ngayon kc mejo mababa nga din daw ang popularity rating ni bush, so baka di manalo sa election. so kelangang wise yung moves nya, baka kc masayang anf mga efforts nya

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    Feb 2004
    i think controlado ni BUSH yung decision ni GMA, what u think guys? just think all those help na binigay ng america sa pinas...specially financially

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    Oct 2003
    you can not do more of one thing without sacrificing the other---maraming implications, maraming pwedeng mangyari if we do this or do that. ang policy ng america no negotiations...sigurado ako once na tayo ay nakipag negotiate dyan at nag pullout contingent natin sa iraq(gaya ng kahilingan ng mga militants na yan) magkakaroon ng malaking security, economic, military, political implications sa atin ;dadami ang terrorists attacks or threats sa atin withraw ng economic and military support ng US etc and all of these courtesy of the U.S. CIA underground activities. pero kng tayo naman ay sumunod sa dicta ng US tuloy ang ligaya at support worth millions of dollars. ang problema ni arroyo kaninong interest uunahin nya---nakakahiya nga naman kng hayaan nyang mapugugan yun tao, ang tinatawag nyang bayani ng bayan talagang naging bayani di lang firing squad pugot pa on national T.V. so buko ang policy nya regarding OFWs(na di mahalaga ang OFW compared sa U.S.). in the first place kasalanan ng gobyerno kgn bakit nasa iraq yan taong yan---walang makuhang matinong trabaho dito. . malamang nyan sa cabinet meeting with the advisers sabi sa kanya ng military/security consultants nya do not pull out and no negotiations, foreign policy consultants nya "yari tayo dyan ma am babalikan tayo ng US baka sila gumawa ng terrorist attacks, " economic consultants nya mam yari tayo IMF WB baka gipitin tayo sa pautang, media consultants mam yari tayo sa media magmumukha kayong masama at maraming pilipino magagalit. so alin kaya ang may least repercussions

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    Jan 1970
    galit na galit na ko kay glori, pasikat ng pasikat kay bush for once namn magpasikat sya sa mga pinoy! God, cant she have a heart?!

    2 hours to go before the deadline...

    i am watching abs-cbn, may rumor daw na may positive devt (either marerelease or released na), but not confirmed yet!

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    Jan 1970
    ngek, wrong info!

    two hours to go n wala talagang balak si GMA na pauwiin ang mga puwersa natin doon!

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