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    Aug 2003
    what national pride are you talking about? yung patuloy na pagsipsip sa utin ni george bush? o yung pag-aruga sa sariling mamamayan? your choice.
    im sorry if i got you wrong, but im only basing it from this crap you posted which can mostly be heard from anti-american groups/individuals.

    para kang si bush, either people are with you or against you? that is a very simplistic view of the world.
    that is how most people think, especially those terrorists who's demands the philippines just gave in to.

    and you "pro pilipinas" people think that any action that helps, or is in the least bit connected, to america means that we are pro american.

    again dont get me wrong, i was against the the sending of troops to the middle east even just for a humanitarian mission. but we are already there, and that is not the point here. the point here is "IS IT RIGHT TO GIVE IN TO THE DEMANDS OF TERRORISTS?" should we keep on caving in to these type of people?

    palibhasa nasanay na tayo dyan sa pakikipag business ng military natin sa mga terrorist groups sa mindanao.
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    May 2004
    Kung yung mga sundalong ipinadadala ng Pilipinas sa ibang bansa ay ikinakalat na lang o idinidistino sa ibat-ibang parte ng Maynila ay baka mas malaki pa ang tulong na magagawa sa bansa. Baka makakatulong pa ito para mabawasan ang krimen sa bansa natin. Ito ang dapat bigyang pansin ng ating pangulo; holdupan, patayan rape at iba pa, halos wala ng kwenta ang buhay ng tao dahil pinapatay na lang na parang hayop. Dyan na lang nila gawin ang sinasabing peacekeeping nila dahil pag nasa Iraq sila lalo lang nilang pinagugulo ang bansa. Ayusin muna ang sariling gusot bago makialam sa iba.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by roninblade
    the point here is "IS IT RIGHT TO GIVE IN TO THE DEMANDS OF TERRORISTS?" should we keep on caving in to these type of people?

    and there lies the problem roninblade. the point here is ANGELO DE LA CRUZ.

    why don't we think about it this way, suggestion lang. let's forget about the philippines, forget about iraq, forget about the USA, forget about the terrorists, and forget about the international community, forget about everything. except one...

    just concentrate on this. "Whatsoever you do the the least of My brothers, you do unto Me".

    Mr. Angelo de la Cruz is a human being whose life is not anything for anyone of us to sacrifice or bargain with. put yourself in his shoes. or his wife's shoes. or his childrens's. try lang. would you be thinking of terrorists or uncle sam or national pride and respect of the international community? i bet not. you will be praying to God that people who can do something will do the GOOD thing. not what is right, nor prudent, nor what is internationally respectable. so if you were that person in power, will you abandon Angelo de la Cruz, like Jesus was denied by Peter?

    whatever is the decision of the people in power, i just hope that it will be something that you and I can be at peace with God.

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    Aug 2003
    i get your point and respect your opinion.

    i hope you also see and understand why a lot of people here are disgusted with the government's actions.

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    Oct 2002

    see the bigger picture. we are already opening up a pandora's box with this.

    should we withdraw our forces from iraq - this will be a BIG victory for the militants. then what happens? they continue to kidnap foreigners and kill them like pigs because they know that they can get away with it. if every country withdraws from iraq - what will happen then? a civil war will ensue among the warlords & different groups to gain control of the country - possibly killing tens of thousands.

    btw, what is so special with this one person? as you said, "Mr. Angelo dela Cruz is a human being whose life is not anything for anyone of us to sacrifice or bargain with." but what about our soldiers and policemen here in the Philippines - aren't we already sacrificing them in one way or the other so that we can maintain peace and order? what about Mr. dela Cruz's decision to go to Iraq - knowing well that he will be in harm's way. what about the foreigners & other Filipinos that was kidnapped in Mindanao (wherein we didn't negotiate with the terrorirsts) and was killed in the process? so all those sacrifices have been thrown out now of the window because of this person? my point here is that the issue here it isn't just about Mr. dela Cruz, it is about the welfare of the Filipinos in general.

    with this, Filipinos are now more vurnerable as terrorists know that we will succumb to their will.

    we are against the government's decision not just to save face - but for the future welfare of our people.

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    Apr 2004
    Ganda ng discussion, share ko itong editorial, agree ako dito :-)

    Angelo is not ‘just one individual,’ he’s all of us

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    Aug 2003
    sabi nga ng isang poster dito... yan ang nagagawa ng mga tele-novela, kaya dapat inaalis na yang mga yan!

    mweheheheh. joke muna. masyado na ko seryoso.

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    Oct 2002

    ano na ba development? pinakawalan na ba si angelo dela cruz?

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    Oct 2002
    looking at it from another angle...

    i find it ironic that angelo de la cruz is sending Filipinos fulminating (that's a good thing), but couldn't care less about corruption and lack of discipline in the government (proof? Filipinos refer to corruption as, "e ganyan talaga sa Pilipinas, live with it", instead of doing something about it). hindi ba bottom line naman ng pareho nun ay lives of people?

    the telenovela effect.... give a Filipino poison, and we hardly give a damn. but put a knife to a Filipino's neck, and everyone suddenly talks about EDSA #. such a great myopia among us...

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    Oct 2002
    please do not say that i do not see the bigger picture. i am not stupid sir. i see it as you see it, but my priorities are somewhere else. i do not look at things the way you do and therefore my opinions are different.

    Mr Angelo de la Cruz was kidnapped not because he was a filipino, but because the philippine government has sided with the united states in a war that was started by a lie.

    no, i do not think hundreds of filipinos will be hostaged in the future just because the philippines will pull out of iraq. in fact, there will be no more hostaging of filipinos in iraq. there would be no more reason to do so. when the philippines extricates itself from that immoral war, when we learn to respect the sovereignty and freedom of other countries, when we see the people of the middle east as peoples whose desires for freedom are as strong as ours, then so shall they see that we are their friends. peace on earth, my friend, will only happen when each and everyone of us learn to respect each other's freedoms.

    in my opinion, an occupied people are entitled to whatever means they have to regain their freedom. terrorist is a tag you can affix to them at your convenience, but they call themselves freedom fighters. i do not see them any different from the katipuneros and the huks who fought our country's colonisers in the past. if i were an iraqi, or to put it in clearer terms, if the philippines were iraq, i guarantee you sir that you will also call me a terrorist because i will bomb, snipe, kidnap, hostage, and do whatever i can to free my country. but only if you are my country's invader, or are with them.

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