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    Jun 2006
    mike01: Masyado talaga malaki galit mo sa KIA pride. hehhee.

    Ok lang naman ang Pride, dami pa ngang tumatakbo sa ngayon.

    Basta alaga sa maintenance, tatagal naman talaga takbo ng kahit anong sasakyan.

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    May 2006
    ........tapos hihirit na naman ng NORKIS LEGACY na lang

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Syuryuken View Post
    ........tapos hihirit na naman ng NORKIS LEGACY na lang
    alto overpriced at malambot pang ilalim nyan sabi ng nasakyan ko kanina na taxi driver.

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    Dec 2006
    According to some driving instructors I talked to, kia prides are not good that's why they don't utilize them. Some of my mechanic friends said that the pride's body is soft (malambot) and will disintegrate after a few years. Just like the kia picanto.

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    Nov 2006
    I dont know about the body will disintegrate, but I have my kia pride since 1991 it is still in one piece. Newly-painted, engine-overhauled and new compressor, it still is a charm to use. It serves its purpose well, I may add =) I use it for short trips =)

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    Jun 2006
    disintegrate?? Like i said, ang dami pa ring tumatakbo sa kalsada, yung iba talagang obvious na hindi inalagaan, yung iba well-maintained.

    KIA Picanto is the improved version of Pride so i doubt that it'll disintegrate.

    Malambot ang kaha kasi para i-absorb yung energy during a collision. Puro jeepney lang siguro ang nagagawa ng mechanic na yun. hehe

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    Dec 2006
    hehe, of course kia prides and picantos do not disintegrate, and they are made of metal so they are nowhere near soft. it was actually an allusion to another thread where this mike person flamed the picanto over and over again. i have a picanto and i love it, and i used to own a pride a long time ago. nice cars.

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    Feb 2007
    Hi Guys! if you need parts for your Kia Pride and other Kia Vehicles just txt/call me at 09177448113 or just PM me. Baka mas mura ko maibigay sa inyo.


    Jay C.

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    Jan 2007
    pre, magkano sa iyo ang rotor disc ng kia pride ? thanks !

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    Aug 2007
    sir jc magkano engine support ng kia cd5 m pati mga bushing?tnx

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