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    Jun 2005
    (LARGE IMAGE) click on the link. this is a nice flame job done on a g100 chassis charade

    tiny cars like the KIA pride and charade look really great in 'fruity' and bright colours!!!! parang iMac

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    Jun 2005

    this is my ride by the way "BangCar" ang anak ni "BangBus"...has a great 2k dupont paint job done unfortunately ginuhitan ng mga jologs sa divisoria (3) huhuhu...i cant beleive that im paying my taxes to feed some of these "people".
    i wish i have more money to spend on nice rims and a set of thin tires...

    KIA pride again. i really like the pride when it is in its 'pure' state. im a purist ksi hehehe

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    Apr 2006
    pitbullz, binebenta mo ba lahat yan?

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    Jun 2005
    ooops sorry
    di naman. just responding to cocoy's post.

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    Feb 2005
    Salamat sir pitbull

    Actually am looking for an interior pic, yung likod ng loob ng kotse and kung ganu kalaki ang compartment ng charade.

    Siguro when i hunt for a charade next summer, budget ko eh mga 70k then 10k for repairs and 10k for sound setup or mags na lang kaya muna with low profile tires?

    Wala na din kasi yung local boards ng kia, di ko na alam kung anu na website nila.

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    Jun 2005
    baka pumasok na sa budget mo yan at that time. kung ako tatanungin mo di bale mas mahal ng kaunti basta ba mas ok yun condition ng car ;) saves you time money and effort. beleive me.

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    Feb 2005
    Sorry to ma'am kiamia, na hi-jack ko na yung thread niya.

    Sir pitbull, reserve mo na sa akin yang charade mu ha. :D

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    Jun 2005
    ok kiA Pride...

    madali langyan ng mazda engines especially the ones found in the familia.. or better yet go with the turbo Mazda323GTX or 323GTR na makina... i know some ppl hu already did the swap and i tell u grabe ang bilis...

    kung charade ka naman meron din mga engine swaps na toyota like the ever popular 4AGE or the 2E-Turbo.

    if i had the extra get myself 1 of these 2 cars bcoz it can really be a race car on a budget

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    Apr 2004
    not to rain on anyone's parade here but there are more prides per square kilometer in metro manila than charades. last production model of the charade rolled off the factory in 95 or 96, while the prides were in production as late as 2004.

    what's my point? daihatsu charades have less parts, less space, no casa support whatsoever, uses older engines, are generally older, most have been body repaired na, most have been used to the limit of that tiny engine's life and you get two less doors than the pride.

    kias have parts galore, pretty reliable, lots of fresh models because people have been buying them for most of the 90s and early 2000s, they're both wider and more spacious inside, have a/t options, reasonably fuel efficient. in short, you get better value.

    buying an engine that's half the value of the car itself is not exactly cost-effective and totally defeats the purpose of economy. why buy a compact if you want subcompact/midsize gas mileage? better get a subcompact na lang, better options pa. use the right tools for the job. power to weight = more power at the wheels? from what i gather from the orig poster's intentions re: kia prides, well, i'm guessing he wants a cheap, reliable, fuel efficent daily driver, not a tricked out 2-door made earlier than the model he's seeking information about.

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    Jan 2006
    Sa Kia Pride ka na. sa parts wala kang problema.

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