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    Mar 2007
    where can we buy that tool that is posted in jazzcityunited?

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    Oct 2004
    papano pala malalaman kung kelangan na reset yung cvt? any erratic shifting or something na maiiba to merit a reset? and ano magbabago sa shifting pattern after a reset? yung cvt ko bumababa naman sa 1 pag full stop pero parang malakas sa FC kasi im averaging 7-8km/liter lang city driving.

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    Aug 2008
    Parang Contra to achieve 100 lives: up, up, down, down, left right left right b a select start and presto 100 lives. Mahirap pala to own a car with CVT?

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    Mar 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by xircom View Post
    i havent changed the battery of our City, a month old car. i just noticed that my fuel consumption is going down. From 12.7km/l (week 1) to 13.3km/l (week 2) to 11.3km/l (week 3) and 12.1km/l (week 4). What's weird is yung 11.3km/l was nung holy week. Will the reset work in solving this? Ang napansin ko kasi, hindi smooth ang transmission lately, and lagi sya downshift.

    Another question, how do you really drive the CVT? Do you just step on the gas in a constant manner and let him do the shifting? Or you step on the gas hard to shift down and release to shift up? Hope you could help a clueless and concerned CVT user.
    xircom, try mo to drive by slowly pressing the pedal wag bigla para mag upshift sya normally. if you want to downshift. step on the pedal harder " tip toe method" then release if you want to upshift. it takes time to get used to driving an automatic with cvt, its a bit different from the torque converter type auto transmission. HOPE THIS HELP....

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by suysuy View Post
    constant manner lang. but if you want to induce downshifting, lift your foot off then apply it again gently, you'll notice your rpms are a couple hundreds lower. the best i got in the city driving is about 15km/l i guess.

    Yeah. I've been doing this because I have noticed that when you momentarily release the gas pedal, the rpm would go down. I concluded that since the rpm went down, the fuel consumption should be less.

    For city driving here in Gensan, my City 1.3 cvt AT. would have around 1200 to 1500rpm...seldom 2000rpm.

    On highway travel. I usually maintain 2000rpm at 80 kph and occasionally 3000rpm at 100 to 120 kph.

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    Sep 2009
    medyo may kulangpo sa reset procedure eh hehehe. you need a computer or data link connector. computer which is use by honda dealers to diagnosed and reset Vehicles computers.
    CVT is best when calibrated. pag d nakalibrate mapapansin nyo parang pigil manakbo or mahina humatak..
    yung sa 60 kph decelleration tama din but something is misssing sa procedure hehehe.

    and may isa pang kulang sa mgfa procedure n yun...
    better go to honda dealer mga sir kasi much better na authorized person do that job hehehe..
    im from honda pla mga sir. i will not say n lng what dealer para walang conflict hehehe...


    enjoy ride....FAST.......

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    Mar 2007
    i agree with you aiz 2azone, it should be done in a dealer... i've done that when i sense something wrong with the shifting after I replaced the battery.
    I was advised to do this everytime I changed the battery bec the setting changes when the battery dies.... a bit costly.. but it was done correctly.
    As a result, I got better gas mileage ( 17kms/liter hiway ave of 100kph and 12-13 kms city driving).

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    Sep 2009
    kahapon ng magpalit ako ng CVTF sa Honda cavite, libre na daw magpare calibrate ng CVT sabi nung service advisor, PHP 2596 lahat. In a weeks time siguro mapapansin ko na. Ask ko na rin magkano estimate ninyo Idler bearing ng city natin ? Yun nakalagay na for replacement

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    Mar 2010
    sorry for my ignorance, what is CVT? may CVT din ba ang City 2010 model?

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    Mar 2010
    ginawa ko paulit ulit...walang nangyayari

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Honda Jazz/City CVT Reset Procedures