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    Jul 2006
    My Honda City CVT is running fine with no problem....

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    Feb 2006
    good for you mm15744 alagaan mo ng mabuti yung CVT mo

    but kahit si suysuy 100% alagang casa na nasiraan pa rin

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    Dec 2005

    I guess that "Some CVTs are more equal than the others....."....


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    Mar 2007

    binigyan ako ng deadline. Until March 31. Ang problema kasi raw eh ayaw pumayag ng honda phil (yung hapon daw matigas). kapag hindi na grant, what they will do is trade in nalang daw yung car to a new one. i was thinking if its better to file a case or accept this deal. if ever magpatrade in, ano mas maganda, jazz or city? hehe. top model ang choice ko, meaning the 1.5L with paddle shifters.

    bitter sweet ang news nato. if ever ma grant yung transmission, ill still retain my CVT but with an old car

    pag trade in, ill end up with a brand new car but with a 5AT.

    i was always a believer that CVT is superior. and im gonna miss this car. driven about 37k already. 4 years na nga pala ito. kaya iniisip ko paano i appraise ng honda yung sasakyan ko. baka 100k nalang ang value?

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    Aug 2004
    Your car should be worth around 300k+ if it's an 06 (based on your sig) given the mileage you've posted. That's if there's nothing wrong with it. If they're willing to give full trade-in price and you won't have to pay for repairs, I'd say... go for it. The new 1.5 VTEC is a pretty good engine. ;)

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2005

    ^^^ Bro, the last time I looked at the ads (2-3 weeks ago), - a Jazz (04 or 05) CVT's worth is in the vicinity of P450K.... You should push Honda to give you the equivalent of the car's market value, given that everything in the ride is in excellent condition...


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    Aug 2008
    Just bought a 2004 Honda City A/T at Kinabahan ako nung nabasa ko ito..

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by porgie View Post
    Just bought a 2004 Honda City A/T at Kinabahan ako nung nabasa ko ito..

    Just keep a religious maintenance schedule with Honda for your CVT bro.... Also, do not hard drive your car unnecessarily.... You should be okay....


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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by porgie View Post
    Just bought a 2004 Honda City A/T at Kinabahan ako nung nabasa ko ito..

    Ok lang brod. Our 38K odometer logged 2005 Jazz na parehas cvt ng city hanggang ngayon ok pa rin. No traces of the much talked honda cvt problem. Noong 1K pms ay may upgrade na ginawa ang honda casa, later I learned na pinalitan nila ang CVTF. Ito siguro ang dahilan kung bakit hindi nagka problema ang tranny katulad ng iba.

    I hope this is not OT.

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    Mar 2006
    Hi! Sorry if I have to bring this topic back. I am curious what happened to suysuy's cvt problem, if i may say. Kasi i have a city 1.5 cvt 2006 model too. everything was ok until recently. Nag-je-jerk sya minsan (very rare) kapag naka-full stop. from about 1000rpm nag-di-dip sya na parang tatakbo tapos babalik ulit sa 1000. I have to put it to N para mawala. Also sometimes kapag paatras ako parang nanginginig buong makina and sometime nag-je-jerk, stop mag-isa. Although bihirang-bihira din. I informed my SA about it and sabi kelangan daw palitan yung flywheel. Patanong naman sa inyo guys kung ano ang flywheel and should i have it replaced? im just worried baka iba ang problem or if ever yun, whatever that is, baka lumala pa yung problem. By the way, over all cost nung flywheel at labor is 12k. Should i go for it? I need your inputs. Thanks in advance.

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Epic Failure Of My Honda City's CVT Transmission!