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    Jul 2006
    Starex gold,

    Can you indicate which of the images are low beam & which are High beam?

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    Jan 2007


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    Jul 2006
    Thanks -

    I noticed that the distance of the illumination did not change between the high and low beam. The only difference is that the hi beams shines higher.

    Hopefully, the setup I requested from Garyq will produce greater distance with the high beam on.

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    Apr 2007
    Actually nakaharang lang yung Honda City kaya hindi makita yung full potential ng high beam.

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    Feb 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    kent :: Ang kintab !!
    madami na ding gasgas yan renzo hindi lang halata

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    Feb 2007
    *sg - hindi pa drl yan, naka tap pa sa parklight switch hirap kumuha ng 888 kaya naging 808..he he he

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    Let me make some comments if I may:

    The output of HID systems are limited to a certain extent. Why? can you imagine using a 70w ballasts na pang eroplano na naka kabit sa oto? sobrang lakas ng output nun, problem is nasa ground ka and we are not always travelling on flat roads. Sometimes meron dips and sometimes pataas naman.Pag sobrang lakas output nung hid syst mo, makakasilaw ka talaga sobra ng ibang motorists. this is one thing. Also the amount of light bouncing back to your eyes. Pag sobrang lakas this will also affect visibility. So most oem ballasts are 35watts. Do you know that Philips 85122+ are rated up to 70w? Not to say that you should do it coz it will shorten the life of the bulbs dramatically. What I am saying is in theory pwede talaga to max out at 70w but you have to consider the points I mentioned.

    Ang maganda sa HID system, the bulbs will produce 3200 lumens at LO which is already the max output. The best halogen will produce less than 1500 lumens. So slick mentioned hindi lumayo yung output, hindi naman talaga bro kasi nasa pinaka malayo na yung output sa LO pa lang. At HI, when the shield goes down, tumataas lang ang cutoff but the power output of the bulb is already at max. But just the same, you are already getting more than 2x the output vs. a halogen bulb. We need to be realistic on our expectation of HID syst. Also we need to understand the science behind it incl. color temp, etc so that we can install a system that has a good balance of performance, reliability and cost. Now if you go for a quad setup then mas lalayo talaga yung output coz you will pump out around 12000 lumens. Someone might say makakasilaw naman yun kahit meron cutoff. Yes that is possible especially pag nasa apex ka ng road na pataas and this is the reason why I install a kill switch for the inner projectors para sa roads na frequent ups/downs, you can operate on single pair of projectors.

    I am using a 50w syst on my Philips 85122+ and it doesnt hurt my eyes sa rain. sa bumper to bumper traffic, I think it is too bright especially pag white yung oto sa harap. wala akong tint sa harap. I am really happy with my setup but I might go for an aftermarket headlamps on my GE and go for a quad setup para maiba naman.

    Nakaharang yung City kaya hindi masyado ma appreciate yung output and really better in person

    Yung oto ni kent makintab talaga yan. Pag dating sa pagalaga ng black paint, si kent ang O.C dyan, hahaha. Wala akong tyaga mag buff ng oto kahit meron akong orbital polisher. I think it just goes round and round, haha. Yung boy ko na lang.

    I appreciate all the guys na nagpa-retro sa akin, thanks for trusting me with your babies, haha. Am always learning something new sa retros ko and applying many improvements as I go. Kaizen tayo sa retrofits

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    Sep 2010
    sir mga how much po ang aabutin ng retrofit projector hid na pm ko na po yung mga images you requested and nag rereflect back po ba sa ulan yung hid

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    Apr 2007
    Yung high beam ko medyo bitin pa ako. Pero yung width ng output. Ibang klase.

    Nasubukan ko sa STAR Tollway kung gaano talaga kalapad yung output niya. Believe it or not, umabot pa sa chicken wire fence ng STAR Tollway yung output approx. 5 to 6 lanes away from my car.

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    gucci: answered via email na. Yup pwede yung headlights mo but it needs some restoration work. sabay na natin.

    SG: looking at your pic pwede pa itaas yung output mo ng half to one step. di kasi natin na kuhanan ng picture yan against a wall but I can see now with the pic you posted.

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