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    Apr 2010
    Sa tinagal-tagal na mula nung ma-retrofit ni Sir Gary ang Advie ko, makakapagpost narin ako ng pics sa wakas. hehe.. Been really busy kasi. Here are the pics:

    Stage 3 A3.0 Projectors on 50 watts + Custom DRL

    Sample Output:

    Start-up + Hi-Lo Demo:
    HID Projector Retrofit Start-up + Hi-Lo Demo - YouTube

    Oncoming Traffic + Output Demo:
    HID Projector Retrofit Oncoming Traffic + Output Demo - YouTube

    Final Look:

    Many Thanks to Sir Gary! Looking forward to retrofit my foglights as well as the rear foglight soon.
    More power and God Bless!

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    Hiro: thanks alot bro! appreciate it

    Oo sabay na lang natin, madali pagusapan yan

    FXR3 on Ford Fiesta, 5000k bulbs, Gti shrouds, 35w ballasts

    This is an interesting project as the client had plugnplay hids on his Fiesta and we discussed this over a couple of months, even the color temp for the bulb.

    You can see here side by side comparo of the output. The left is the pnp hid bulb + pnp fogs while the right side is the output of the retrofit.

    Pls note:

    a. The output of the fog is concentrated 1-2 meters from the bumper where in real driving conditions, this is almost useless. Aside from that yo can see so many hotshots produced by the stock fogs on pnp hid bulbs.

    b. The spread of the pnp kit is 1.5x the road, at best for usable lighting. This is is a 6000k bulb. This is one thing I've been trying to share since I started retrofitting, the white you go the less light your eyes can perceive on the road. You can see here in the picture that the details on the pnp output is washed out and the road details on the retrofit output at 5000k is alot better or your eyes can see more the contrast, mas matingkad yung kulay. Mas maganda kasi contrast ratio ng light pag malapit sa 4300k. Mas malamig sa mata tingnan yung retrofit output. The difference would even be bigger if this is black asphalt. Mar wanted to match the color of his fogs without sacrificing so much the output so the 5000k color temp was a good compromise.

    c. The spread of the retrofit output is more even throughout and the width is almost 3 lanes with usable light. The projector has what you call a foreground limiter and this is the reason why the immediate space after the bumper has less light. You cant actually see this when you are seated on the car and whats really important is illumination ahead of your vehicle when you're moving fast.

    d. Here is a fog retrofit output. YOu can see the intensity and also the output is even throughout. I would suggest to stay with the stock fogs and go with a good halogen bulb if you have a retrofit.

    e. The FXR3 is a bixenon projector so when you flick the hi switch, the halogen bulb for the Hi goes ON and also the shield of the projector goes down to give you a higher cutoff. Whats good with this setup (and I'd say an ideal one when you have separate LO and HI) is that the hotspot of the halogen Hi gives you a more intense output in the middle while the output of the projector takes care of the width.

    Shrouds are Gti to match the overall look of the car.

    f. And one of the biggest advantage of this setup??? No glare to other motorists!

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    as requested by a fellow tsikoteer, some recent Sti projects:

    The single xenon projector was replaced with FXR3 and the stock bulbs and ballasts were used.

    Fog projector retrofit for a 2011 Sti sedan:

    output of fogs only:

    I am doing a custom tail light retrofit for this vehicle pero mga 2 months pa. I am using a Depo set bought by the customer sa U.S so I have time

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    I am thrilled to offer this new product as I continue testing new projectors for HL and fogs application and IMO I think I've found the most powerful fog projector that's a direct bolt on replacement/install for the Ford Focus and other cars listed below.

    This is a vehicle specific package but the output is second to none, super intense in the middle and wide.

    Complete HID Projector Retrofit incl. 70mm single xenon projector, HID bulbs (3000k, 4300k or 5000k), 35 watts ballasts.


    If you are not comfortable with an HL retrofit or not enough funds, then I can 100% recommend this package. It is as powerful as my stage1 setup but the output is thicker in the middle making it a good HID fog projector.

    Please note again that this is vehicle specific, the fogs will come with the necessary brackets to mount into your bumper. I have this package for the following vehicles:

    Suzuki Alto, Celerio,Grand Vitara, Swift and SX4
    Toyota Avanza, Altis, RAV4, Vitz/Yaris
    Mitsubishi L200

    Pls dont ask for other vehicles. I only have it for the above mentioned cars.

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    another Civic FD 2006, mugen theme yung oto, ganda, quad setup

    shrouds nung inner projector was smoked to have some contrast and also gustom nung owner, subtle lang yung aesthetics.

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    Apr 2012
    sir gary, ive been looking at the posts of your happy customers... and i was wondering if you can make one at my innova 2005 and how much it would cost? pm nalang po sir gary thank you po!

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    Apr 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by greg1994 View Post
    sir gary, ive been looking at the posts of your happy customers... and i was wondering if you can make one at my innova 2005 and how much it would cost? pm nalang po sir gary thank you po!
    2008 pala po innova G

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    Apr 2012
    Sir gary, pwede ba ang quad setup na angeleyes sa honda civic ES 2001?

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    valeschumi: send me a pic nung existing headlight mo sa info*

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    Feb 2005
    do you have hid retrofit for an old corolla smallbody?

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