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    Aug 2010
    good evening sir garyq, pwede po ba ako mag pa align ng projector ? daan ako dyan if ever may gagawin kayo thanks

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    ok bro next week i will text you

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    HID projector retrofit for the 2011 Toyota Fortuner, quad setup

    output comparo, stock halogen H7 vs. single pair projector retrofit, same cam settings:

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    Jul 2011
    Like I did in HCP, read this thread from page 1. All I can say is WOW! Can't wait for my HL to be shipped back to me by GQ.

    Kuya Gary, may libre din ba akong sticker? :grin

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    Honda Civic FD OEM setup on 50w oem spec ballasts:

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    Jul 2010
    Gary, read this thread from page1... quite convinced to ditch my current gen1 bolt-on projector, may singaw na din kasi yung seal kaya nag moist ng konti sa loob. 1 year pa lang. I have a humble corolla ae111 and i hope pwede naman to for retrofit. Kindly pm me the prices for the 3 packages in you site. Also i have a few follow up questions:1

    1. If the bulbs bought from you breaks down, can we purchase a replacement one pair from you?
    2. Any recommended sellers for Taiwan Depo headlamps for my ride? My trusted shop only sells TYC brand and i have bad experience with it (currently using TYC, nagka line cracks sa loob agad after 2 months use with gen1 bolt ons)

    thanks! you're truly God's car enthusiasts

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    bro you will be surprised with the output of my setup vs. the Gen1, and layo in terms on intensity and width. Regarding your questions:

    1. Of course pwede and I give a big discount for after install sales. FYI, I have never sold any bulb or ballasts to anyone na nagparetrofit sa akin after 2 years.
    2. DEPO is ok. The AE111 is a very nice car bro. I would suggest to get a good surplus unit though. Meron ata ako para sa isang side na super fresh. Koito Thailand and Koito Japan ang mga units na available sa market. Get the JDM units. Sent an email to you. Best for you is the Stage2 setup

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    It was a very interesting week for me as I did a couple of retrofits on vehicles na meron naka kabit na "bolt-on" projector kits. To say that the owners were disappointed with the workmanship and output of the projectors is an understatement. Here are the pictures:

    Vehicle is a Toyota Vios 2009 model:

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    The old kit was powered with a generic harness:

    My stage 2 and stage 3 retrofits are fitted with vehicle specific wiring harness, fused, relayed, soldered, wrapped in shrink tubing and split loom so oem in form and function.

    After the retrofit:


    The big difference in the way I seal. I am now in my 3rd generation of sealing. I am using a Japan made product that is specifically manufactured for headlights sealing.
    After only 2 months, the inner portion of the PC cover of the hl of this vehicle was damaged because of water marks. Silicon was used and the back side of the hl was not sealed properly causing water to continuously enter the hl.
    I waterproof the backside with rubber cups/boot to seal off moisture, mas maganda rin tingnan. For some vehicles pwede naman yung stock rubber cups especially for Stage 2 setups but for Stage3, you really need to seal it off with this rubber cups kasi malaki yung plug for the D2S bulbs.

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    The final product with output

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