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    Jan 2016
    Hi TS, like you I'm also an IT professional and i live on my own, it's my 5th year in the industry.
    I bought my first car when i was 22, it's a 2015 Corolla Altis which i'm planning to sell.
    Now I'm 25, with 6dig figure of salary, also single (just got separated with my long time girlfriend). Months ago i was also on your plate whether i should buy a new car just to compensate on my heartbreak loss.
    I also consulted the people posting here, and this guy who is also with the same age bracket with us made me realized that having a car doesn't easily translate to absolute happiness. Yes it provides comfort, accessibility and network.
    Since you have 3M, i would suggest that you buy the best car under 1M, 150-200k for upgrade. You have 1.8M left, Save the 500k for emergency and 1.3M for investment.

    To conclude, you just have to live your life responsibly.

    ALSO last thing! don't ever use your car to increase your chances of dating.

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    Jul 2015
    You need to watch some of alphaM's amount of money or car model can replace self confidence...superficial lang ang material things...if youre a beta, it will show...invest on yourself 1st

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    Sep 2006
    Be the alpha! Mingle, mingle, mingle. Be funny, smart, be macho, be the superman of every girl you know.

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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by sean-archer View Post
    Be the alpha! Mingle, mingle, mingle. Be funny, smart, be macho, be the superman of every girl you know.

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    and in no time, that 3M goes up in smoke!
    heh heh.

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    Aug 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Archerfish View Post
    If I may ask, what if the said girl is now "attracted", do you think the girl will be held in a trance?

    Let's just say that she became "interested" with you because of your car and finally she is now your girlfriend. Imagine your girlfriend with another guy in her work. Also imagine this another guy, with a "better car" than yours. Now, try to imagine your girlfriend seeing the "better car"...

    I would like to leave the rest of the story to your wild imagination.

    I may be out of the topic, however, I'd like to point out the motive in buying your car.

    Love is never based on feelings. What if the feeling is gone? Or you have another feeling? For example, I love my wife so much. One day, we had a heated argument. This time, I am angry. Does it mean I no longer love my wife? Although I don't "feel" loving my wife at this moment (because I am angry), it doesn't mean to say that I no longer love her.

    And so love is never based on any material things. A car will get old and will have breakdowns. But love never fades.

    If I may quote, "Love is a commitment towards imperfect people, seeking their highest good, which often requires sacrifice."

    If you are looking for "Ms. Right", are you the right guy for her? So you can start by being "Mr. Right" until you meet "Ms. Right".

    And by this time, you already have a solid need for a car.
    Yes, brother love is 1,000% right! I wish we get more advices like this in this radio show !

    Whooooooooot ! Janep !

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    and in no time, that 3M goes up in smoke!
    heh heh.
    Haha doc sa una lang gastos, may returns naman yun, both monetary and other things

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    Feb 2008
    TS, if you have P3M to spend ona hobby and looking for a GF, Im single.

    Seriously, why dont you invest on a condo near your workplace so you wouldnt have a need for a car and save the P5k monthly rental in the process. You can rent it out in the future should you decide to come home. Once you find a gf, you dont have to spend for motel expenses either. :D

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by _Cathy_ View Post
    I agree. Can 2M buy a condo in Metro Manila?

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    A condo at pioneer cybergate will cost P2M and you are in the middle of those BPOs and corp offices.

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    Sep 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by 12vdc View Post
    How do you pronounce, Pwe-go o fuego? He should learn french din.
    Pujoe lang simple simple

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    Oct 2009
    ilang taon moba pinagtrabahuhan ung 3m TS .

    kung ako sayo kung ano nasa puso mo sundin mo, pera mo yan, kung ano makakapag paligaya sayo gawin mo.

    di natin alam kung hanggang saan ang buhay sa mundo.baka bukas o sa isang araw kunin na tayo ni lord,

    kaya enjoy mo kung ano gusto mo..

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