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    Quote Originally Posted by blaster101 View Post
    In terms of maintenance? Does midsize cost the same as the compact/subcompact of the same price range?

    parang yung nasa isip nya is Elantra>Civic>Jazz.
    Halos sold na siya sa elantra kung hindi lng dahil sa reliability.
    You might spend a bit more for oil (5L vs 4L) but that's about it for the usual maintenance. Oil filters and air filters are about the same as compacts. Midsize cars have more durable suspension so less prone to shock absorber failure. Only when you have a broken engine, tranny, or aircon will a midsize car cost more to maintain. Also, bigger cars have bigger tires so they are more expensive.

    A used Civic will be better off than the Elantra. The Civic has a bigger customer base so you get better access to maintenance services and parts. Also, the Elantra GLS is tagged under medium under LTO so its registration cost is more than a Civic or Jazz, similar to the Camry and Accord already.

    Quote Originally Posted by lowslowbenz View Post
    I'd gladly drive a (my) Camry .. (if I had one) ...


    Owning a bigger car, is like "more" car for your money's worth.

    Better interior materials, better safety features, etc.

    Re: Hyundai, yeah medyo over-acting ang brand na yan when it comes to aftersales parts and service.
    Quote Originally Posted by arvs18 View Post
    Plus midsize sedans feels much more comfy
    Step into an Accord or Camry and you'd know right away why they cost more brand new than a Civic or Altis. Better fit and finish, better materials, and more comfortable inside. Not to mention, these cars are quicker and faster than the usual compacts and subcompacts.

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    Parang mas maganda nga pag midsize. Okay lang ba ang midsize for a new driver. First car po kasi nung friend ko and kakastart palang mag drive.

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    As long as you're aware of the car's "boundaries" you're good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaster101 View Post
    Parang mas maganda nga pag midsize. Okay lang ba ang midsize for a new driver. First car po kasi nung friend ko and kakastart palang mag drive.
    A midsize will be easier to handle on the road than a pickup or PPV for a newbie. Most midsize handle like the usual compact. They are not that big.

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    Jan 2015
    I've gone thru basically every car size mentioned. Started early w/ a stick RWD compact & have gone full circle.....back to 1 & a coupla subs. The full size is now the garage queen...driven only on hauling calls. Conscience forced me to think less of comfort & more of less occupied road space. The car is basically my office & officemate....roadtime all day, I always opt for 1 that functions more than an a reliable appliance. I gotta be drawn to it, gotta love it. This helps me cope w/ the never-ending jams.
    Can't help silently curse seeing large passengerless cars going those vans dedicated for picking up 1 kid coz owners refuse to let their drivers drive their premium compacts around.*#$%Ä£•₩ go thru my mind.Best 2nd hand Car 400k max budget. Sorry....They occupy precious parking & are the primary cause of everything in slow motion. I refuse to let others like me think of me that way.Best 2nd hand Car 400k max budget
    I wish we could all be like the green-minded Europeans, Japanese....they value super minis. They respect their small roads, fellow motorists & pedestrians....but that's wishful thinking, I know....We have larger families. The lower cost of diesel & the efficiency of cars that run on it are an attraction....a smokescreen, really, if you look at how much higher they are priced over their petrol variants. Not everyone can consume that purchase cost difference on petrol-diesel cost disparity over the car's ownership....& Oh, there are 2 silent horrors that will haunt new diesels....DPFs & carbon build up.
    My humble appeal to potential car owners..... please factor in road traffic & the environment....I may not be able to influence judgement here, but having gone thru various sizes/badges in both petrol & diesel, I'm having the most fun & least stress w/ the lil ones. The grin, the joy of driving is back........Full circle.Best 2nd hand Car 400k max budget
    Apologies for the OT rant.....back to regular programming.Best 2nd hand Car 400k max budget

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    Nissan sylphy

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    Donít go midsize, from experience harder to dispose, camry kahit na toyota yun hirap ibenta.
    Get one with a resale value na medyo plateau na ang presyo. Bec. there will come a time na he will sell or upgrade, yun 400k ubos na.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowslowbenz View Post
    Toyota Camry.

    There are some decent examples out there for that amount of money.
    When I was shopping for my next (2nd hand) car, twice I almost bought a Camry. One was a 2007 I think for around 450k only used as a coding car *daw*. You can see from the pictures naman that it was well maintained. So for a while I hesitated as the price seems too good to be true. When finally I messaged the owner, nabenta na. Next was a 2008/2009 Camry by an expat (Korean) sa Caloocan for around 550k. Again, from the pictures it seemed fresh na fresh talaga. Again, price was a factor na naman since it's a bit overbudget na. So I settled for the next best, a 2.0V Altis.

    So my advise to the OP, consider a 2008-2010 (10th Gen) to 2011-2012 (10.5 Gen) 1.6V Altis. For the price mentioned, or maybe just a bit more, you can still find pristine examples.

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    Jan 2015
    Almost always, the best used cars are from passionate enthusiasts w/ OCD. Chances are, those cars have been cared & spent for. All you gotta do is drive.
    Let their curse be your blessing.Best 2nd hand Car 400k max budget

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    Would get a Camry over a compact. I kinda regret getting a Mazda 3 2.0 over a Camry 2.4V, although at that time I just wanted a coding car that was fun to drive. Now I think I'd appreciate the reliability, comfort, and prestige of the Camry over the handling and toys of the Mazda 3.

    2007-2008 at the 400k price range won't depreciate that much more since it has already depreciated a lot, and there are still older Camries in the 250-300k range so there's a floor to how low prices can go in the short term.

    It'll be a pain to maintain and it'll drink a lot of gas, but the same can be said for my Mazda 3. And personally, even a 10 year old Camry still looks more upscale than a newer Altis or any other compact for that matter.

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