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    Jul 2006
    as someone in the Toyota D4D woes thread made a suggestion to make a list for tsikoteers who experienced hard starting of their Toyota D4D, i made this thread exclusively for the list of of the particular tsikoteers. Please list down your forum name and make/model what toyota did to your unit. I'll start with me:

    1. numbah5 toyota fortuner 2.5D4D G reprogrammed ECU during 1st 1000 km PMS then replaced supply pump at 11000 km

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    Nov 2006
    toyota innova. reprogram at 10,000 then change pump at 20,000

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    Oct 2002
    let's keep this list objective guys, I'll be deleting all irrelevant posts. thanks.

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    May 2005
    Innova G A/T D4d at 4k ODO reading Initialize after a few days return to casa and replace all CRDi system. 16K ODO reading umulit ang problema then reprogramming. Now my ODO is 20k crossing my finger that this is it.

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    Jun 2005
    We started a similar list in the woes thread last Jan. 2006. We were trying to predict if there was a pattern with the mileage before the problem comes out, but there was no pattern when m2m's D4D choked quite too early:

    strayWOLF -- entire CRDI system replaced July 2005 odo=?
    (first tsikoteer with D4D problem)
    larshell ------ entire CRDI system replaced Oct 2005 odo=4,000+
    lord --------- entire CRDI system replaced Oct 2005 odo=?
    (take 2 na si lord diba?, 2nd time re-programming na lang ba?)
    3kings ------- entire CRDI system replaced Nov 2005 odo=1,500km.
    lexus -------- entire CRDI system replaced Nov 2005 odo=?
    Gabby ------- only fuel pump replaced Dec 2005 odo=1,200km
    m2m -------- entire CRDI system replaced Jan 20, 2006 odo=590km
    bongliza ----- scheduled for further evaluation odo=14,000km

    I remember record breaker natin si m2m, hindi pa nakakaabot sa 1,000km PMS bumigay na supply pump nya.

    Maybe the actual owners can just update their D4D woes info.

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    Nov 2005
    just like to add...

    1. inferior tires. changed 2 tires already
    2. cd players "hangs"

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    Dec 2006
    2.5L D4D lng ba ung nasa list dyan na nagreplace ng CRDi o pati 3.0L D4D?? ska mga magkano inaabot replacement ng CRDI/ supply pump??, thanks sa info!!

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    Mar 2006
    Hilux 3.0, D4D, 11,500kms; no problem with engine. But transmission oil seal damaged.

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    Jan 2007
    Talagang ganun ba kagrabe itong D4D ng toyota? Alternate ko pa naman sana yung diesel Innova sa Starex Van (kasi naka 3 Starex na kami at di pa din sila nagpapalit ng itsura)!

    Maayos kaya in a few months ito?

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    Feb 2007
    "the problem with the D4D isn't actually the engine itself, but more on the fuel filtering/delivery. madumi kasi ang diesel fuel natin dito, marami sediments, nagipon ang sediments at bumara sa filter, in turn, hindi umaabot sa engine ang diesel fuel. pinalitan na lahat ng filters sa assembly line, kaya lahat ng releases starting 2006, no problems na."
    From SA of Toyota Makati...they are a plant-owned dealership, sabi nya

    so sana post nyo rin what month and year did you purchase your D4D

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List of Toyota D4D Probems (Choking, Hard Starting, etc.)