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    Upsss!Sorry mali ako ng Basa

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    Why does the Pajero had a short clearance? Again, if the Paj suspension was set to Hard Mode? Wont the suspensions go up? WHat about putting air suspensions in the Paj like a Disco 3? Will it be possible?

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    For a mid-size SUV, the ground clearance of the GEN II is quite generous already. Just remove the side steps (it hangs way lower than the actual frame of the vehicle). The angles (approach, breakover, departure) are quite generous also. And should you exceed the approach angle, the steel skidplate will be the first to hit terrain. Exceed the approach angle of a Fortuner or Sorento and the plastic bumper will take the first hit. The underbody is reasonably well protected also. Vital components are tucked between the frame rails. The front diff, transmission, and fuel tank get their own skidplates. Compared to a Fortuner, Sorento, Trooper or even an LC90 Prado, the GEN II fuel tank is mounted higher and better shaped to minimize the chances of it getting hung up on the terrain.

    The adjustable suspension only adjusts shock stiffness. Adjustable height suspension on GEN II's were only available on select Japanese Domestic Market models. Some of the guys at run air bags inside their rear coils. Front air suspension systems are not practical as the front is suspended via torsion bars (the JDM models used hydraulics to raise the front-end).
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