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    Feb 2004
    Pwede ba sumali?

    2000 Diesel Glx Revo

    SR Body Cladding and Grills w/ Fog Lights
    Orig Toyota Bullbar w/ Fog Lights
    Orig Toyota Hood Deflector ang Window Deflector
    Roof Railings
    Spoiler w/ Brake lights
    Limited Sticker sa stripes for Revo
    Warning lights on Lift Back
    Dueller AT Tires

    Stock HU Alpine Stereo
    SRS Drivers Airbag
    Digital Compass
    Toms Spear Shift Knob
    Amp: Rf Punch 200ix for sub
    Amp: JBL GTS50 for the seps
    Sub: 12" PG Tantrum on a sealed box
    Seps: Stock
    Frog Horn

    Yan lang po... im still plannin to buy seps kso ala pa me budget... Thanks...

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    Oct 2002
    pwedeng pwede
    welcome sa tsikot.

    punta ka rin sa feb 22 dieselclub monthly meeting
    venue to be announce

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    Oct 2002

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    1998 Mitsubishi Adventure GLS 2.5D

    Freeca Fender Flares
    Freeca Rear Spoiler
    Freeca Door Garnish
    Freeca Front Overrider with Foglight
    Bridgestone Dueler A/T 14" Tires

    all stock interior and sounds system (Fujitsu 10)

    one of the first units ng adventure, di pa nagkaroon ng major na sira. Bilib dad ko sa tibay eh, shows how tough mitsubishi LCVs are... For replacement na din siguro this year kasi na-overuse na din.

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    Feb 2004
    hello mga tol! bago lng ko d2 s site n 2 and agad k na gus2han yng site. tgal k n din kc hanap ng pinoy car sites e! ok din 2ng forum n 2 for AUV owners! i also own kc a 1998 Tamaraw FX. im quit sad s mga ibang owners ng original FX d2 ha. prng kinahihiya nla yng ride nila. hey guys your ride should b ur pride! jst remember not all people can own a car. peace out!

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    Oct 2002
    I did drove an FX before, di ko naman ikinahiya yun for 3 years. Though, madalas nga lang ako parahin ng commuters (kahit na pang private use lang yun). The small 2.0L 2C diesel engine lacks the power and torque for its body. That's why Toyota ditched the engine on their succeeding models. :D

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    basta diesel ride mo, pwedeng sumali. The more, the merrier

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    Feb 2004
    gud 2 hear nmn n my proud owners p din d2 ng FX. 1st love k kc yn don k na 22 mg maneho & mtgal din ang nging serbisyo saakin non. and if u will consider the space capacity nya wla kng masabi. yn ang na mimis k nw since im nw driving a smaller altima . hey guy my ask pla me. wat do u think ang pwedeng e palit n more powerful engine sa FX (Gas). kc i think its under powerd e.

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    Oct 2002
    It all depends on what fuel you would want to use, pag gas pa rin ang ililipat mo, minor engine mounts for 7K. Kung diesel naman, may dagdag na konting lakas ang 2C-T or some even put C190/C221 Isuzu engines.
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    Feb 2004
    7-k n makina ng FX k e. wla n bng pwedeng as in ipalit n ms lalaki p s 7-k. ano nmn b ang pwedeng e mount s engine? i jsts want kc n ms humatak p cya & mas bumilis takbo. kc s xprience k e mdyo hirapan n tkbo nya pg abot n ng 100 kph. ma ugong n and prng gus2 ng kumuwala ng engine. s mga owners ng revo advnture. and crooswind or any AUV. have u ever tryd 2 put ur cars 2 d test on how fas they can go? d max. speed they can attain?

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