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    Feb 2005
    Guys, need your inputs.

    Naputol un head ng isang screw ko that holds the plate number sa front bumper. Nastuck ngayon un rest ng screw dun sa thread hole. I tried to forcibly "unscrew" it by spraying it with penetrating oil and using pliers but to no avail. Any suggestions what to do or where to go? Hindi ko kse maikabit ngayon un plate dhil isang screw lng maghold baka malaglag pa. Appreciate any helpful info.


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    Dec 2003
    go to your nearest friendly neighborhood DIY hardware and get yourself a set of screw extractor. or you can use a hand drill with a small drill bit to drill it out.

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    May 2005
    you can change your bumper .. hehe ..

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    e anu naman recomend nyo para maalis naman ung naputol kong screw sa a/t oil pan.... my fault, i used my heavy ratchet and i thought its not tight...but im wrong...

    ayun tangal ung ulo ng screw, naiwan ung body...anu pa suggesstion nyo without removing the whole tranny and bring it to the machine shop and suggestion ni sir bluebimmer?

    liit lang bolt na un #10 ung socket na ginamit ko.

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    Oct 2002
    yung suggestion ni BB lang ang tamang gawin actually.

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    double post....pwede bang maalis na itong isa?

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    ask ko lang ano ang "lay-man's term" ng screw-extractor na mayroon sa hardware namin at mapakuha ko na....

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    Oct 2002
    try mo kya kumuha ng same size na screw tapos pai-spot mo sa welding shop.
    kpag medyo malamig na, pihitin mo na.

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    nga pala, lubog ung body ng screw ..kaya out ang option for spot weld.

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    Oct 2002
    Actually you can try to punch a slot onto the remaining part of the screw ala "minus" tapos use a smaller sized screwdriver to unscrew it. Ingat lang baka magasgas yung bumper.

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