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    Mar 2012
    mga boss,ano ba problem ng nissan cefiro ko kc dati ng.hardstart sya tpos ngaun hindi na umaandar..patulong nman poh!!!NB lng ksi ako...sana matulungan nyo ako..

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    Jan 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by jefsan View Post
    Hello Cefiro users! I was checking out a 97 Cefiro AT V6 24v model and the owner told me upfront when we were about to test drive it that the car wont move on "D" initially but need to shift to "D1" for about 10mins before it can be shifted to "D" ! What's wrong with this unit? Also the tachometer needle moves erratic - up, down, 2000 to 3000 rpm. Any solutions? TIA!
    The transmission needs to be replaced na. Set aside at least 15-20k for a surplus. Problem with the gauge can be repaired by a certain shop in Banawe. J6 yata yung name. They charge 1-1.5k for the repair.

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    Jan 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by roger. View Post
    mga boss,ano ba problem ng nissan cefiro ko kc dati ng.hardstart sya tpos ngaun hindi na umaandar..patulong nman poh!!!NB lng ksi ako...sana matulungan nyo ako..
    Hi sir! May crank pa ba yung starter? If no check mo yung relay. Particularly the "Inhibit" relay. Its located at the front part near the battery. Pag nasira to, no crank, no start.

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    Mar 2011
    hi guys,

    baka may shop kayo na masuggest where to buy center cap para sa wheel ng 2006 cefiro 300ex. nagtanong ako sa mga ilang shops sa banawe, wala. tinuro ako sa casa. ask ako sa casa, wala din daw since discontinued na daw yung model since 09. sana may mapagkunan pa. para hindi butas gitna nung isang wheel.


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    Jun 2010
    Newbie question lang, bakit parang ang mura ng Cefiro Elite? Parang mababa re-sale value, is it because it is expensive to maintain and consumes a lot of gas?

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    Mar 2007
    True - Because of maintenance cost and poor fuel consumption. Just like Accord and Camry which also has a low resale value compared to Civic and Altis.

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    Feb 2012
    Hi sirs, I need some help about a dilemma im having right now with my Nissan Cefiro. I Just got it earlier this year, apparently it had a problem with the oil pump so in short, it caused problems with the engine daw without us noticing. Its in a workshop at masinag right now, and we're considering to replace the engine with a surplus. Im wondering where i could get a cheap surplus engine that is compatible, Im afraid that it would cost a lot when you sum the engine replacement and labor than just selling it as is. I just bought a new car so I need to sell it as soon as I can, Fixed or not.

    So my questions are:
    1. Would total engine replacement cost more than 40K?
    2. If it is, I might consider to sell the car in its current condition,would 120K be within the buying range for a non working(engine only) Cefiro.

    Thank you very very very much in advance.

    Cefiro Elite A32 2001 Model, Moonlight gray (goldish)
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    Nov 2011
    Bumili kami ng ganito dati dalawa 180K isa. Idk what year model pero binili namin ng mga year 2004. Ngaun nakatambak na lang. Sobrang bilis nito napapatakbo ni mama ko ng 200 dati kaso ngayon sira sira na. Hahaha. Imported lang ata nabili namin.

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    Dec 2004
    Not sure for a straight VQ20DE swap (same engine), but most owners who swap engines go for a VQ25DE instead (190hp vs. 150hp :D). They were able to use the same harness and ECU. Most had theirs done at Ric Lim's shop.

    I wouldn't be able to recommend this shop though as a.) I haven't had the opportunity to buy parts from/have my car serviced at the shop, and b.) feedback received about the shop have more or less been mixed. In case you decide to give them a visit, it has been recommended before that it would be advisable to deal with Ric Lim himself.

    It would always be difficult to sell a non-working vehicle unless the buyer is a real enthusiast (I personally know several Cefiro entusiasts :D) hell bent on restoring an A32 or is a surplus parts dealer, in which case the price would be near to scrap value. 120K is quite high, considering functioning ones of the same year/model sell from as low as 155K.

    One option you could consider, if you have the time, is to part out the car. Considering it's a Yulon-made (Taiwan) model, surplus parts are pretty rare. Most sought-after parts for that model are: fog lights, crystal headlights, bumpers, tail light assembly, wood trim (they crack easily), ignition coils and a multitude of engine sensors (compatible with models from '97, some even for the A33 2.0 versions).

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    Apr 2009
    up ko lang po itong nissan cefiro thread.
    nagloloko ang digital odometer in my 2000 cefiro. nagbabago ang nakadisplay...minsan tumataas tapos minsan mababa ang naka display na kilometers travelled. i tried to reset to 0.0 before using it. nagpark ako with 16.0kms reading, pagbalik ko ng after work and saw that the reading became 160.0kms. would appreciate kung may nakakaalam kung saan pwede pa check. salamat po.

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