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    Jan 2003
    That's odd. Digital odometers rarely have problems . There might be a possibility that the odometer might have been tampered before. Should you want a spare OEM gauge, I think one of our members has a spare, working gauge from his 2001 Cefiro. Just post here if you're interested.

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    Apr 2009
    yes, i suspect as well that it may have been tampered. the odometer is erratic and does not give a true picture of the vehicle's mileage. if any member has a clean spare digital odometer that will work on 2000 cefiro brougham, please PM me details. salamat po.

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    Jan 2003
    ^There is a part out going on at You might get a good deal for an OEM gauge plus other parts.

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    Apr 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by non-vtec View Post
    ^There is a part out going on at You might get a good deal for an OEM gauge plus other parts.
    OK, thanks for the advise. I will register and check it out. salamat po.

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    Jun 2013
    Please help.....I had my cefiro 97 color change but when i went to shop to claim it. It won't start already, I had no problem starting since I buy it 3 years ago.
    They said maybe the computer box or immobilizer was affected because the battery was drained. Starting was like using duplicate key, "no redondo".
    They told me that the computer box shd be brought to CASA for reset.
    - any idea the price of computer box reset?
    - will it be the real solution? ( I'm worried that when I've done it, the car still dont start)
    - any suggestion or does any one encountered this problem?


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    Jun 2005
    check the battery first. kung drained, charge muna or replace.

    kung okay batt. check starter motor.

    get a new shop to fix your car

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    Jan 2003
    So no crank? Try another battery. As long as they didn't touch the wirings, wala magiging problem. Also check if the check engine light is blinking while you're starting the engine. If it is, then may problema yung chip ng immobilizer. Next would be the starter.

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    Mar 2005
    I'm checking out a couple of A31 Cefiros (released locally from 89-92 I think) as I'd like to make it my weekend and coding-day car. My plan is to restore the car, keep it as close to stock as possible and just slap in some nice 18" wheels.

    Anybody has experience maintaining or restoring this car? I am specially concerned if there are still brandnew OEM or replacement parts available in Banawe and which shop can competently handle maintenance and repairs.

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    Feb 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by clayman688 View Post
    up ko lang po itong nissan cefiro thread.
    nagloloko ang digital odometer in my 2000 cefiro. nagbabago ang nakadisplay...minsan tumataas tapos minsan mababa ang naka display na kilometers travelled. i tried to reset to 0.0 before using it. nagpark ako with 16.0kms reading, pagbalik ko ng after work and saw that the reading became 160.0kms. would appreciate kung may nakakaalam kung saan pwede pa check. salamat po.
    Tampered odometer, nagkamali ng mga ginalaw na entries.

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    Jan 2012
    2003 a33 vq20. no low end power, found out engine was running on "limp mode". did an obd scan and turned up that two of the downstream oxygen sensors are not working. anybody know where to get O2 sensors cheap? at young bro's its like 5.5k each brandnew. and surplus O2 sensors are 1.5k each but has no way knowing if its still functional. suggestions please?

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