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    Jun 2005
    I've seen the video footage of the dispersal. Parang most of the time kay Fr. Robert nakatutok ang tubig. Galit yata yung fireman sa kanya.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by explorer
    well...gayan lahat ang maga comments ng mga tuta ni marcos nun time ng martial law. lahat daw ng nagrarally nakakapinsala you think these people would just go to rally everyday just for their own sake? i would rather admire people who would risk their life to make this country better than those who would just say that rallies are jsut pure BS! if majority of the filipinos thinks like you guys...then the philippines and all of us really deserve a president like gloria.
    The people who are behind the rallies are the very same people who got the country into a mess in the first place. The pro-Marcos and pro-Erap aren't exactly happy that the pro-Cory joined in. The opposition cannot even agree what to do to bring this administration to step down.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto
    The people who are behind the rallies are the very same people who got the country into a mess in the first place. The pro-Marcos and pro-Erap aren't exactly happy that the pro-Cory joined in. The opposition cannot even agree what to do to bring this administration to step down.
    You nailed it Monseratto.

    I pains me to see the following groups Erap, Marcos, and wow even Corys' there. They're all salivating for this revolutionary goverment, and yet they don't even know what to do to the country if they got their wishes.

    And to think that these people "The Masses" joining the rally are paid for the job.

    They're doing this country great harm with that rallies. Investors are shying away from the Phillipines precisely because of our political issues.

    Utang na loob mga politico, give us a breather naman!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by zidane21
    di ba ganyan dati ang ginawa ng mga philippine constabulary during the time of mackoy (with matching tear gas pa nun at ipadadakip lahat ng amoy echas dahil alam na rallyist sila)! siraulo nga yang si fr. reyes e, ginagamit pangalan ng simbahan even WEARING a sutana during the rally! sinisira nya image ng church!
    Long live Mackoy!
    Mas mabuti pa nga yata ang echas, unang kita mo pa lang di mo na hahawakan di tulad nung iba dyan na sa likod ng magagarang suot eh punumpuno ng baho ang nasa likod

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    Mar 2005
    si Father Robert the rebel priest hehehe. following the footsteps of that famous rebel priest in cordillera ba yun

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    Oct 2002
    On Target : Water blasting of rally indefensible

    First posted 00:51am (Mla time) Oct 18, 2005
    By Ramon Tulfo
    Inquirer News Service

    Editor's Note: Published on Page A17 of the October 18, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    I'M A STAUNCH SUPPORTER AND defender of the Arroyo administration, but the "baptism" by water cannon of participants of a prayer rally Friday is indefensible.

    Policemen, who were following GMA's calibrated preemptive response, didn't take into account the personalities involved in it and the fact that the rally was peaceful and orderly. It was a prayer rally and there was not a single anti-GMA placard in the crowd.

    Due respect should have been given to former Vice President Teofisto Guingona, Sen. Jamby Madrigal and Rep. Satur Ocampo, and the bishops, priests and nuns who were at the forefront of the march.

    If the cops ignored the 77-year-old Guingona's former exalted position, at least they should have respected his advanced age.

    In the same manner, the elderly bishops should also have been given due respect, even if they had gone beyond bounds by using their religion to hit the government.

    Until last Friday, many people dismissed Senator Madrigal and Congressman Ocampo as necessary nuisances in the opposition camp. But the two have become instant martyrs to their cause, no matter their motives, after the drenching.

    I was a police reporter during the time of the unlamented Marcos regime. I covered many rallies, both peaceful and violent.

    Marcos' military and police forces never made the mistake of dispersing prayer rallies. Their patience knew no bounds when demonstrations were participated in by well-known opposition figures.

    For all his faults, Marcos respected religion.

    The President would do well to apologize to the citizenry for last Friday's incident. She should also relieve the commanders of both the Manila Police District and the National Capital Region Office (NCRPO).

    In the aftermath of the Mendiola massacre in the early years of the Cory Aquino administration, Maj. Gen. Ramon Montano was relieved as chief of the Capital Region Command (Capcom) and Brig. Gen. Narciso Cabrera was replaced as chief of the Western Police District by Gen. Alfredo Lim.

    If GMA doesn't apologize, she will be confirming the perception that her administration is arrogant and overbearing.

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    Sep 2004
    Incidents such as these are merely justifying the government's approach. Why are permits needed for protest actions? To regulate the use of the streets which are public property. Public property which is being maintained by the people's taxes.

    Taxes which these placard-bearing jokers have no intention of paying, further plunging our country into economic misery, so they can blame everything on the present administration.

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    Mar 2005
    bakit ba we always tend to exaggerate things, nabuhusan lang ng tubig, martial law na. dont jump to conclusions.

    kapag flame thrower na lumalabas sa fire truck, nde na dapat martial law kelangan, civil war na'to.

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    Oct 2004
    Etong si Madrigal, nabasa lang ng konti magcocomplain na sa UN (nagpagulong-gulong ba sya nung tamaan cya ng water canon??? hahah.. just thinking about it makes me smile). Ngayon lang ba yan ipinanganak? Araw araw may violation of human rights sa tv. yun muna icomplain nya... naku naman.

    Serves them right. Mas madaming naperwisyo sa katigasan ng ulo nila.

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    Jun 2005
    Provocation ang ginagawa ng mga iyan! They want to paint a picture that everyone is against the gov't. But look who these characters are. Each have their own vested interests at pag nagtanggal ng mga panglabas na suot ang mga yan tyak lalabas lahat ang baho. Tsk..tsk.

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