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    Sep 2005
    EDITORIAL – Public nuisance

    The Philippine Star 10/16/2005

    On a busy Friday, payday, traffic was again at a standstill in many parts of the city of Manila. Why? Because there was another anti-government rally in Mendiola. The usual people who surely hold no steady jobs and don’t go to school since they can afford to stage rallies daily were augmented by a small bunch of individuals suffering from acute lack of public attention.

    As usual there was the priest whose vocation is to run away from his priestly duties. He was supported by a handful of bishops who invoked free will in going against their own Church’s stand on prelates attending protest rallies. If the princes of the Church cannot obey their own rules, they should not expect obedience either from their flock. It can’t just be coincidence that with Philippine spiritual advisers busying themselves with matters other than spiritual, Asia’s bastion of the Roman Catholic faith is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    There was a defeated vice presidential candidate and a former vice president, both out of jobs and with too much time on their hands. There was even an incumbent senator, who must miss the TV cameras with Congress in recess. Her antics are additional reminders of how taxpayers can save billions by abolishing the Senate. If those red flag-waving protesters marching with her ever succeed in taking over the government, her family will be among the first to lose a massive fortune and New People’s Army commander Gregorio Rosal will be the biggest landlord in Alabang.

    Did the government prevent the holding of yet another protest rally? The protesters were told to confine themselves to Plaza Miranda so they would not make life miserable for the majority who need to use that vital intersection in Mendiola, in Manila’s busy University Belt, to go about their business. The city government of Manila has designated Plaza Miranda and Liwasang Bonifacio – both crowded areas if protesters want to attract sympathizers – as freedom parks. All rallies in these two areas are duly covered by the mass media.

    The protesters last Friday, however, were not just after expressing a message in their usual inarticulate, infantile way that leaves no room for intelligent debate. They wanted maximum disruption of other people’s lives. Was their dispersal state repression? Only if you think being a public nuisance is an inalienable right.
    Ala nang tigil to?!

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    Jan 2005
    I'm neither anti nor pro GMA, pero nakakabuwisit na rin ang mga rally na yan, grabe ang traffic last Friday, daming napeperhwisyo na.

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    Oct 2002
    Wala talagang magawa yan mga nag raraly kundi mang inconvenient ng kapwa nila. Pag dinisperse sa maling lugar sasabihin wala ng freedom of expression. Basta ako dapat sila doon sa lugar na designated para walang gulo, walang inconvenience sa iba at walang masaktan. Talagang naghahanap sila ng media mileage para sabihin nila na oppressed sila.

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    Dec 2003
    taena yang c father reyes puro nalang rally, magresign nalang kaya sya as pari at tumabi kay rez cortez

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    taena yang c father reyes puro nalang rally, magresign nalang kaya sya as pari at tumabi kay rez cortez
    Aktibista talaga ang main profession niya. Sideline lang niya ang pagpa-pari. :praning:

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    Aug 2005
    wala sa ayos ang mga tinamaan ng !*#$#%^$% na mga rallyists na yan.

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    Oct 2003
    nakakainis talaga sila. buti nga they were awarded a permit to hold a 'gathering' at plaza miranda. but of course, thats not enough for them...kailangan pa talaga mag-marcha papuntang mendiola. i dont blame the govt for using the water cannon to stop them from entering mediola. kahit ikaw eh, pinagbigyan ka na nga na mag-rally sa ibang lugar, aabusuhin mo pa. tapos ibibintang sa govt excessive force pa. serves them right IMHO.

    can't they just accept na hindi bababa si PGMA? hanggang 2007 na lang ang term niya right? and hindi na siya pwedeng maging president uli dahil 2nd term na niya. so just wait na lang.

    makati business owners and those working in the business district there sawa na nga sa mga rally sa ayala avenue-paseo de roxas eh...kasi si Binay anti-GMA kaya naghahandout lagi ng permit to rally...kakainis..

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    Jan 2005
    I don't consider Robert Reyes a priest, masyadong maraming issues yung taong iyan, puro gulo na lang inaatupag, may his tribe decrease or else walang asenso bansa natin.

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    Apr 2005
    Si Father Reyes, he is just using of being a priest for his political agenda, makakasira sa ibang pari. pati tuloy ang catholic religion ay apektado. marami sa ngayon ayaw magsimba dahil sa pakikialam simbaham sa gobyerno.

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    Sep 2003
    Gayahin na lang niya si Father Balweg at tumakbo sa bundok. These people in media also allow themselves to be used by these kind of people.

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