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    Oct 2008
    IMO, malabo na kayo magkabalikan kasi ayaw ka tulungan ng in-laws mo. Ang may magagawa ka na lang talaga ay sa mga kids. Tingin ko mas madali ka ma reach out sa mga kids mo dahil madalas ang bonding nyo noon. Hahanapin din nila ang father nila lalo na at mga boys yun. Just keep a constant communication with your kids. Let them know that you are always available for them.

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    Sep 2006
    Grabe naman ang involvement ng in-laws dito. I remember what my prof in college always says...when you marry, you don't just marry the person, you marry the whole clan.

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    Apr 2006
    i'm no saint either, but better let the situation calm a bit for awhile... don't rush onto things, have patience... some problems can be dealt with slowly, bit by bit... reassess your stance, what brought you to trek some adventurous road? is it all by just some ***ual desire or you've got into thinking also of having an emotional drought with regards to your relationship with your wife?

    9 years... mahirap nga na ibasura na lang yang pinagsamahan na yan though less 4 years sabi mo na i would consider it on the brink. why did it took you 4 years na sikmurain na lang na madeprive ang emotional and ***ual balance ng inyong relationship? that's the dilemna bro....

    i'm not accusing you, but sana from the time you've observed something's wrong, you should've done some solutions on it. you both have let it passed and just left your relationship go on though something's already going wrong. Why did it took you 4 years???... in that 4 years, did you do some good thing to resolve the issue??

    it's not always too late to try to patch things up, but leave some dignity to your manhood in winning back your wife. As i've said reassess... if there's still at least a single percent that you can win her back, do it without any hesitations..

    But be sure to leave some self respect, don't go to the point of making yourself katawa tawa na at magmukhang tanga na umaasa sa wala. Wala kang mahihita sa taong ayaw na sa iyo kaya dapat alam mo kung hanggang saan ang limit mo, wag pag aksayahan ang sitwasyon na lubos lang na maglulublob lang sa iyo sa misery.

    sabi nga nila, atleast you've tried kesa naman sa hindi.. but again, prayers will help...

    anyhow, good luck bro...

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    Jan 2005
    bro just try everything first if you still love your wife and if you can stay with her even if you know that you'll be in the mercy of your wife and her in-laws in the future... but if everything fails it only means one thing... ayaw ka na din talaga ng wife mo and it's time for you to move on bro... just make sure that you'll still open you're communication with your kids... i know the feeling bro... trust me!

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    Oct 2002
    The thread starter might want to read this:

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    Oct 2008
    The whole week I was not able to see or talk to my kids, I asked my wife if I can go out with the kids even for just a day anyway it's their sem break but she just said I will tell the yaya to text you when but unluckily no text received even if I followed up. Awhile ago my 4yr old was crying when he arrived in school, after the yaya left, he went out the classroom and hugged me while crying he told me "Daddy, gulo ako, ayaw ko pasok kasi gulo gulo, sabi mommy and ama ( lola ) wag daw kita usap kundi iwan ako bahay, d sasama sa pasyal... paano ako? Sabi pa mommy dadalin kami sa states, dun na kami sleep everynight, paano hindi na kita makikita." I was so much affected after hearing him say that, I was touched knowing he still loves me inspite of the deliberate brainwash they are doing. But I was also sad knowing he's into emotional stress also and thinking of the day that they will be leaving me.

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by lymar07 View Post
    sir twisted mind, i commend you for your courage to inform the world of your misconduct...although we don't know you personally, you have trusted the members of and have let us in to your personal predicament. i bow before you for doing this (not alot of people would even admit their faults...i've been there before)

    with this, i would say that you have done the first step to repenting and humbling yourself (i hope your wife sees your message here...i truly hope). and to me, you're a "true blue" guy...i know you mean well - with yourself and with your family.

    i don't want to take much of this forum's space but my bottomline is - "Pray like you never prayed before", my friend. believe me, it works!

    PM (meron ba nito dito?) me if you want us to talk.

    God bless you and your family
    yup need all the help and advice i can get especially if you've been in similar situation before. What's your e-mail address? thanks

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    Oct 2008
    what the hell... sir pahirap ng pahirap conditions ah? desididong desididong layuan ka just like your being a threat na sa kanila. kung di niyo mamasamain sir twistedmind, can you squeze more info sa mga in-laws mo pati narin sa wife mo bakit sila nag iinarteng ganyan? it was being too personalan na matagal na so sana naman bigyan na nila ng mga rason na totoo mga move nila and be plain honest. explainations is a must, yung totoo sana ilabas nila. me myselft kasi is going curious na on their situation. ayos lang po kung wag niyo ng pigain ang info palabas ng mga bunganga nila mismo pero i think mas maraming mga payo mabibigay sa inyo pag yung tipong naging parte din kami ng sitwasyon

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    Apr 2006
    as far as i'm concerned you should now consider contacting your lawyer for your legal options otherwise it'll be albeit unwise having second thoughts on doing so..

    boys will be boys, your sons are already aware of you being their father and soon as they grow they will seek your presence amidst those brainwashing immature inlaws of yours.They will realize it soon after and nobody can deny the fact that you didn't abandon them, simply the situation was made worse by those idiotic thinking of your inlaws... Being the elders as they portray to be, they should be the the ones who should be helping you and your wife patch up the pieces but nonetheless they're doing the other way around.

    Damn, they're unworthy of being a responsible parent in the first place. Anyhow, pardon me for being rude but i just can't take someone like those of your inlaws sir..

    as long as you show both of your sons that you're worthy and instill to both of them the situation.

    be a proud father, stand for what is rightfully yours... don't lose hope..

    goodluck bro... all the best!

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    Apr 2006
    Just being curious...

    why is there so much hate coming from your inlaws?
    have you been a responsible husband/father?
    what really happened?

    are you jst telling us half truths about what really happened?

    anyhow, hope all will be ok...

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